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thermomet: get smarter
k bbl

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youre are failing at JTAG is synonymous with HACK/H4X/HAX
this meme will never happen
i dont care i dont watch tv there is only efnet and AM radio which doesnt know wtf jtag is
im in the car and they are still talking about baseball and shit im like what get back to traffic

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timecop: what do chinese have against JTAG?

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primus in two and a half weeks
rens current traveling schedule: no one knows

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make sure there is a cutaway drawing of the relay with all the tiny mechanical parts inside
hey i want to do a oven controller
needs to have programmable profiles at least tho
else fuckit just set that shit to a temp and IR gun it

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latching relay
oh he thoght of latching relay before i said it
A T flip-flop can also be built using a JK flip-flop (J & K pins are connected together and act as T) or D flip-flop (T input and Qprevious is connected to the D input through an XOR gate).

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'also known as HACK' should be included in the jtag spec
timecop: nice fox crystal

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add the math and english

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vocabulary is her strong point

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were its just a bunch of expanding fire spheres originating around the same center and starting withint a couple tenths of a second of each other
sometimes they will draw in debris clouds around and in between the spheres
suckin all your energy until youre an ice cube

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player fires missile, cpu hits 110% load
players UI comes out of lag state, all thats left is perfectly spherical explosions and a blank radar
dx^: haha
i am working on dual core guitars
space explosion = spherical
pfft i would do that in 15min with a photo editor
heh square
you should have just a single spherical particle
that gets bigger
and then fades almost instantly
maybe 3 or 4 of those
all originating in the center of the ship
k not rly
damping factor has to do with the parallel resistor, no?
blackmoon: you know how i mean with the explosions tho?
a lot of space mech anime do explosions like that

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prob gain, its your equation you tell us

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looks more like the guy was trolling them

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a wide (like 1/8") spool and a thin one (like 2mm)
seriously get those fluxed brass coilies
i dont even trip on flux
get 63/37 solder for general work
get some lead free whatever is your working on shit youre selling and you give a shit
anyway theres flux in the solder
its enough for most work
anything might hit a customer i use it =\
oh whatever
longcat: it all comes with lead free so im used to it
no @ xbox modding

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one standard conical chisel tip and one of the sub 2mm cylinders with chisel tip
the long skinny ones dont regulate as well
you basically hold them up against your work
wait for the whole tip to cool down maybe 5 sec
then the feedback will kick in
but its harder to overheat stuff, slide pads and traces around, etc
and its easier to work in tight smd stuff
you can get one of the pointier conical tips instead of a long cylinder but i kind of think those limit your options as far as angles of attack
have to come in at a low angle to get enough area contact with the pointy conicals vs the long skinny cylinders w/ chisel
also get solder wick

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hakko 936
$90 at Fry's
ha nice
prob same factory
hakkos are from china
its seriously prob the same factory
for the money
yeah thats the same thing
just buy hakko tips for it
its 907 iron compatible (907 is the iron comes with most 936)
get something like that too
fuck sponges

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penis pumper
hakko 936

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