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urmom is:
wireless lan sheets

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i hope seat post shim and clamp get to work tomorrow

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aaaw yeah
and then a pair of these guys and bike is done
ha i should have used line 6 email
i almost did buy backspaced

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fuck i already entered
the $80 canal ones or the $30 canal ones or the $15 ear buds
dunno they been maki9ng the $15 ones for like 20 years now
and i consider them pretty good and their expensive canal buds are waaay better
wtf google phone
when does digikey email like, hi you won
i need knobs for the j bass
and its done

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k going to buy molex headphones and primus tickets
if i have to go to china i can prob just scalp them in office email
are they good
smart guy at work says they went nuts on the response curve to comp for direct canal injection
its more extreme than hes ever seen tho
filling out form
i dont see those ad things
wtf is adblock why do i need that shit
like my brain just doesnt process it as information

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youscope ftw

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maybe some paper booties with puffed foam soles
well i kinda of think its just a tiny piece of a much broader screwing

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they did a full pat down on me after sending my backpack full of programmer and dev boards through the xray scanner
but they didnt open up any of the wrapped boards
it took an hour to get through TSA
in korea coming home, they opened up all of them, opened up some other stuff and asked me about them
and then did it again at the plane gate
it took like 10min total
and they gave me sandals
well temp sandals
no they were nice
like some brown synthetic leather
because you have to take off your shoes for the scanners
and put them through the scanner
thats less risky than LAX
where you stand on carpet that people with all sorts of foot disease stand
there was three sets of sandals
much easier to clean
1/3 chance of getting funky foot disease
yeah right, if they actually gave a shit

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macegr: wanta login

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they dont accept paypal or what
dude it aint southwest air
if they book that shit up and a person dont want to trade youre maybe fucked
and youre sitting bitch
see arent you glad im here making fun of your problems
i wonder what that is in the area of 18 and 19 J
on a 747 or bigass airbus maybe

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how do you think they make their money tc
watch what happens if you try and check more than two bags now!
or i guess some airlines maybe not even that many, its fucked
awesome this is the way i try and go
oh well whatever all your animal skins and pickled whale fat jars are at home in your igloo
sorry didnt mean to remind you about your home
is pickled whale fat worse than kimchi?
some kimchi varients were pretty tasty
they made you a custom jpeg?
i seriously like staring at the wing doing shit
heh 777 wing is weird
i thought the flap was broken but it uses it as a control surface
dont you have money

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besides the 5 or 6 things they test for specifically, they can test for non specific infections
because i guess theres so many diff things
haha like food or water in another country
locals all diggin on it, but tourists drink or eat the stuff and its like a week of food poisoning
i did but mostly because im used to it
i drink filtered tap at home, and i trip how i can smell the chlorine or flouride or whatever in the water
but by the end of the first week i was brushing my teeth with tap and not caring about getting water in my mouth when i showered
the only time i felt kind of sickish from food was right after i landed, and all i had eaten was airline food
i had been up like almost 40 hours before i crashed tho
like emergency exits?
most board from the front or they board from the front and middle
i think because of the way the terminal gates are usually laid out
you usually seat last
unless you are in 1st class for real, they load up back to front
or southwest
sit wherever the fuck you want most the time
travel agency girl got me aisle
was bored as fuck
dont care if its 11 hours of ocean, shit is always happening on the wing

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yeah but maybe china first
i thought i was good for primus but now its up in the air
yeah but china wont be as awesome as korea was
especially where im going
theres prob metal scrap falling from the clouds
yeah i like seeing new places
and for the work i do i kind of have to see it, like where the stuff is made and whos doing it
yeah dont plan on it
fuck im just scared of typical but incomptible germs
you know they cant even test for most of that shit they just count your white blood cells and if there are too many they say sorry and give you some antibiotics
no, any dr

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those resistors have to be pretty small in order to get any power out of the system
so youre basically dumping mad current through the transistor just to setup the output driver bias
you you can get gain its just ridiculous
so youre not going voltage to current like common emitter
its voltage to voltage but its silly
it makes sense with tubes when youre pushing low current/HV into a transformer
but yeah class-ab with class-g rails is fucking erotic
class-h is too goofy

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usually is the emitter resistor
yeah thats what the other resistor if for =(
thats why class-a is fucking lose
that amp but i mean BJT class-a
you take signal off the collector
and set cyrrent through the transistor with a follower on an emitter resistor
you get your inverted gain from the ratio of the emitter and collector resistors
no just one
normally there is an output coupling cap to kill the DC bias on the output
this shit is basically why class-a is like a 10% efficiency piece of shit

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hahaha @ light bulb for bright sound
those are good amps
thats all minimalist junkie gear tho
most commercial designs have much more paranoia built in =\
class-A, yo
i mean shit all it really needs is an opamp and a proper feedback loop
timecop: minimalism in design = minimal chance of error and distortion
is how the mentality goes
so you design as low parts as possible and buy overkill
ha i love how they all kind of look the same
we had a lot of IR stuff like that at exjob
for the emitter resistor?
thats kinda cool hehe

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class d shit you need special filters to do right cant just use a vanilla AP box
but its nice to kind of have a ballpark figure
probably least 80
at high levels
some class-d is fine at higher freq, it has to be
almost everything going forward is class-d
if the SNR and THD are good itd be a neat lab amp
could test stereo 3 way active with software crossovers
and still have stereo sub outs
its almost like thats what the build it for
blackmoon: already done
lots of the high freq drivers are ST chipamps
and they class-d up to like 1-3KHz
proprietary class-d
better pwm for audio apps, i think
anyway class-g is the future of AB output

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ha looks like it might mix in processed power supply junk for better PSRR
oh damn id do it just for that
digi input to class d i think
yeah but most pc have spdif now
haha its got sub and headphone line outputs
they dont post audio specs for the layout
thats kind of lame, maybe they did the specs for the device datasheets based off this layout
well thats how everything is irl

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whois = lies.
now wat
rab with teh direct data link
its setup for 8ch, looks like

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please to outline these bugs
well say
when is customer ship date
when is customer submarine date

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is thise some german core shit
i bet its just an ARM anyway
no nico thats not the USA thats liberia
its way above germany
and a little above canada
yeah even canada kicks your ass
nico did you see the silli gobama pic?
omg! sec
prez is so funneh!

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its an alarm clock
you prob blew the speaker
silicon valley is almost the bay
so its not quite california either
washington is more california than the bay and theres a whole state between washington and california
this will fix your alarm clock issues
i heard social networking now accounts for more net bandwidth than porn
im like wat no way
bittorent and usenet are prob their own category including all their porn

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then on the way to lancaster itll get 10F hotter
pretty much the whole coast is like that because of the mountains
heh LA county has a bit of desert wasteand creepin in from the east too, tho
hmm no you are confused
this is in the middle of LA kinda of by the ocean and LAX
dunno we kind of need LAX
pfft fuck america we give you money so stfu we dont care

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bitch my student loan is fixed
hmm no i have data on you says otherwise
youre not in norcal btw
norcal is like 100mi away
you know, in the norther half of the state
youre in the crazy land right on top of the killer fault
where they build three story houses and 2 story freeways
they dont do that in north or south cali, just the bay
dunno same shit here
valley is 10F hotter than hollywood/LA (like 6mi from the middle of the valley)

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oh this is just so you know it still have the cover on the adhesive
i was almost like WOW JAPAN IS NEAT WANT TO GO
like how i was all amazed when 1000W was .25" shorter than 10,000W
thats fuckin genius you
because if they catch him posting marked chips they will prob get mad
`nico: i prob go back in about a month
but this time i maybe go to china first =\
nico when you going to come to socal so you can be a real californian
bay area doesnt really count
its like west coast new england

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big brother and the holding company is pretty awesome like lynard skynard
like kind of blues, kind of bluegrass, %100 fuckin rock n roll
like, i figured out that im not into janis joplin as much as im into them
shes only cute in like 3 pictures taken by some pretty genius photographers
and on stage in a sun dress with a wide lens
but so is shannon hoon
so not saying much
70940 doesnt look like any audio file extension ive ever heard of
is that some sort of gridded label tape

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im trying to vap more
i dont know it
well because blow is coke
which you put up your nose
everytime i bring up snorting keef (screened cannabis trichomes, or crystals) as a joke, people basically tell me im totally retarded
like no one will even take it as a joke, its too offensive
hey i really like lynyrd skynyrd
he won that time

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whatever you were there for like years!
it was me and a few people i known for better part of a decade, including personal friends from when i was a kid
and wkr4k5r
whatever the opium part of the name is ovsiously a play on words involving the broader context of the whole name
an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, though under the guise of being utopian
it is a cludge of this word and opium
why for my nose

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why no
i can ban him just for being a weirdo stalker
and CNC on weed is only for real pros
and CNC on weed is only for real pros.
and i thought cars banned mcp, i didnt even know mcp came here

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isnt wkr4k5r bannable for being wkr4k5r?

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nice, 175% of typical paycheck

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