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but really you need acoustics/fluids experts
speaker is voodoo, its one of those things where you have mechanics and electronics tangled up
and anything changes it affects everything else
you have to test beyond linear if you want to sell shit
its only linear for a couple watts maybe
we did it with lasers and computers and shit \o/
they still prob do unless they broke it
easier to learn at a company that already does it

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maybe if you finished EE and ME but rly no
making speakers is 1000% manufacturing
its not theories its proven science its just hard to manufacture it to be consistent
omfg are you trolling
you design speaker to meet a set of parameters
you need them to be relatively fixed
dioxide: yes
or else you cant design a box
you have to know
besides being aware of all the theory shit, you have to be intuitive about what happens when you change things
pure ME and EE can maybe do it together

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i think zero or super small jacks post processing time way up
but yeah polys ftmfw
rab: theres prob some min trace it uses
and i think in the gerber itself it might use bigger pens to do a lot of the fill
thats fine if theyre the same net
haha no way!

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i wouldnt do it anyway you know it would trip out some chinese photoplotter
funny aperture shapes
i guess its mostly not a problem anymore
but certain shaped traces and pads would confuse older photoplotters
because their brains were setup for rs274d and you couldnt draw random shapes to use as apertures
`nico: does ram suckup a lot of gates?
i gues that goes outside the fpga or its built in

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not at all
but they will accomplish most of the same stuff
fpga is like a blob you gotta make it something
modern controller is like, all setup tested ready to go
well yeah thats awesome i want to play with that
and for certain shit it makes sense
but theyre expensive
like what do you mean
the parallel stuff is neat
i want to make an fpga dds synth
right click while running a ratsnested trace
itll switch between bend style
use shift and alt and cntrl they do stuff
yeah in that case, i think maybe

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basically yeah
ask moon about payment shit
but like, moon said he could finish the hardware and i guess firmware but he would need to get someone to do the software
so stu had a completed fpga dev board and someone to program it on the cheap
but he freaked because moon said he would have to get someone to do the softy stuff
as far as i know, yeah
im not aware of any rework, again ask blackmoon for details
what do you mean how do you fpga
and and or gates are just a pair of transistors or complimentary sets of transistors
so everything = easy
controllers work so well though
for so much less

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some egghead decided
it is not for you to decide
jeez you dont know that whole story?
that was the beginning of stus undoing
ban me all week half the time i deserved that shit
mfkr banned moon, it was like, wtf are you on crack
timecop: like anyone else would have gotten that shit back to you as quick for the price =)
maybe the frequencies are converted from metric

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when it counts quickness is usually a bad thing
so youre gonna do tv shit on it, huh
or maybe break some encryption
for tvs
oh i thought you meant ure, like me
im like fuck you im not coding some stupid fpga junk
wheres that gonna get me in life?
fired from a design job thats what
'$600 chip. fuck yeah.'
`nico: i care about this one
who cares it prob has a PLL up to infiniti

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religious doctrine trolled

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you can put bus bars directly adjacent
i didnt think that
making me sign up

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Thou shall turn station down to lowest setting during daily usage when not being used. Turning the station down during non use periods will prevent severe thermal cycling of the tool. However, tools not being used for extended periods of time should not be left on indefinitely.
definitely not a hakko user
oh thats what thats for?
i usually use needle nose or the ends of the wire strippers where it has grippy pliers
weller conicals eat themselves from the inside out, im not a fan
least the mag tips
heat dissipation
so you obviously dont use 1.3mm traces
me neither
danielson: you could use an aluminum plate instead of FR4
like led stars
you can bring a huge plane to the pins
and just open up the mask for the pads

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rab: neato
and yeah for engraving coarse stuff a broken tool is usually fine heh
Thou shall not remove tip from soldering iron when power is "On". Causes heating element to rise in temperature to approximately 1300 F resulting in thermal shock and reduced heater life.
i do that with my hakko sometimes to swap tips =\
element gets way red in half a sec then feedback kicks in cools it down
oh man fuck sponges lame
hahaha tip oxidation
what pad
nope dont have it
i just use pliers?

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anime is def his weak spot
some shit with little kids who are ninjas

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i hate that facepalm
no its oooold
thats like a facepalm at his self

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no read it first
then hax
jezus fuck youre not even trolling are you

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the switcher drives a multi tapped transformer, but it only tracks the 5v rail
prob not
and tolerance on the rails isnt awesome anyway
either 5 or 10%, i think
also you might have to pull some current from the rail youre using to get its voltage to drop into its range, and to get better regulation
yeah their tolerance is like 1/8" or something big like that
prob just a table saw
what moon said

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wow bikeride really know a mfkr out
oh yeah
rab: i won headphones
they just got back to me today asking for a ship to addy
i told two peoples in the office so far, wonder what happens
like who loses
wtf is a desktop psu
atx psu?
load up the 5V with maybe 100 ohms 1W
or something similar
and i think its green wire = go
green wire to ground, look it up dont trust me
you need to load up the 5v or it wont regulate right

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and we were like dot dot dot

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depends on the situation
i got a cat and a mom and a friendgirl who encourage notdying
srs i was kind of like whatever for a long time
kind of
hmm not not at all
but its rude to say proper order out loud
im against getting fucked up over stupid shit
haha someones sister went out with us, and shes used to going out with some retard friends of my sister

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yeah duh so best to avoid such situations
whatever every place has nice and not nice people
and some people not nice people are other people nice people and shit could change one year to the next
and in general most not nice people im around exist in a social scene where violence is generally looked down upon
music mfkr
most mfkrs will have respect
yes if i remember right i believe that is the proper long spelling
the first line i was calling you a mfkr, there is an invisible comma

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yeah but those guys can be useful too
there are situations where having not so nice friends around lends weight to your arguments with a person with other not so nice friends
most of social mingling is
well sometimes its your not nice friend that allow you the option of 'leave'
i dont i got more important shit to do
well then you must gain respect other ways
obviously not but i been through shit just as bad and i been poor
you can chill shit out and make a fight not happen
naw i make a joke than some not nice guy on my side gets all pissed than its basically about getting everyone unpissed

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s/ghetto black women/poor uneducated women
poor uneducated people can be cool
rich educated people have trouble with cool

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yay rab

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