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damn arduino only has one full port?

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ship it
we can put a thin ring of lead around the edge of the chassis
itll work

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wow like an idiot im like, how the fuck do you QA for cosmetics on that
that probaably is the QA reject =\

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hey wtf
his jazz bass has and extra pickup and a selector switch

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in like 8 seconds
fucked that up, sorry didnt mean to hit you with her

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i will vote for yours tho
summertime - janis joplin with big brother and the holding company
best guitar solo ever
the second overdriven on that destroys the first

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and macegr
guys how come my song isnt showing up
no took almost a week
it doesnt
and youre a weirdo
that was going to be my next pick =\
but i had put the gershwin

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wait what
no one told jessica the rules of the contest
wait wtf judges

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they dont need to
it says EIA
i dunno what that means
oh wai
Digi-Key will award prizes to randomly drawn alternates. Process will continue until all prizes are awarded.
they are just giving them away
oh thats if people forfeit there was another half of that sentence
Winners will be announced on 9/6/2010. Decision of the judges and Digi-Key is final. Winners will be notified by email and must meet all eligibility requirements. Winners have 14 business days to claim prize after notification.

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macegr: sonys new expensive canalbuds use big drivers like yours
oriented like that, in a little pod and piped into your ear sideways
i hate the last octave
what about the low end
and they have the same size drivers hmm

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omfg fuck a scanning library manager
someone needs to make a pc inside a phone
give him a file open dialog
prob neither can play flac
someone needs to make a pro audio phone
like something that is a phone, but also a dsp speaker manager
also a guitar preamp

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hes just being a timecop about linux
okay 12 more minutes of vacation
then its all about laundry and dishes and trashes
i have to use a stupid sprint spoofing uploader
you can move files or what
what timecop said
i would rather just move or link to a file
than deal with some ridiculous open file dialog

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macegr: how long until you got headphones?
also how long until my backgammon gets here?
i told 3 people at work
who knows
gotta be more than 4 people a day
or maybe we are just way lucky

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macegr: doot

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with the dude from miami vice

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haha cheech
that mfkr needed some credibility
chong is all getting locked up over weed stuff
cheech is like, being avg hollywood dork
yeah man people do the marijuana in the bong stuff
alba lost her ass
they should have kept her chubby

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you have to lift the hot air out
just do the shelf like 12"
the jungle dj?
whats wrong with machete
they actually made it or what
well thats neat

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