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bring it to the pads
if youre that worried tho, just do polys with mask breakouts

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it wont reflow well
just do a huge poly for the drain and source

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kevtris: sounds like fun
EDA for Kids
sounds awesome?

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all the vp have em
holy shit
its $10 cheaper than the cheapest ipad

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wow look same res, and it has a real keyboard and doesnt run a phone OS
compared to whats in an ipad?
its the same price

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wat about netbook tablet
does ipad do ltspice
right, no
because its a toy
all this shit is way worse where you live

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fuck man paying my electric bill is impossible
i was on hold like 20 minutes, they transfer me to another number, and that shit said thank you and hung up on my while i was entering my acct number
they took down their online shit =\
how what
well i need to pay it now

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