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yort: sounds like an interface board
you need a step driver
step/dir are usually signals from a computer

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ive had the parts since before my trip
er sqcm, mfkrs

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how much tho
oh thats not bad
6mil space trace and .012 drills
what do you mean 10x
5x5cm x10 pcb = $25?
thats same
i will think about it
i will tell work
we are reving pcb we need to do protos
whatevers i can send and get a quote
gives you time to buy and sort kits
k tonight i will finish ph amp pcb

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shit i need to do a pcb

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i want dead zone
i want to use standard buttons
i dont want to design something i want the feel of the assembly
whatever i just want that switch package with a non snap action switch =\
yeah i dont want this to be a mechanical dev project =(
they have three diff types in this package they are all snap type

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and use that to measure velocity
theyre snap switches
most are dual throw
so you can wire them up normal on or off

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yeah srs
tekrad: dork help
you know those micro switches they use for limit switches and arcade button assemblies?
how do i find non snap action ones with considerable dead zone
is there a name for that the only shit i see non-snap on is pages for snap action switches talking shit about non-snap
no those are pretty much always snap action
i have buttons here, happ style with cherry microswitches
no they need to be standard dimensions to snap into an arcade button assembly
yeah sucks they are almost all snap switches
im like, cmon guys where do you keep the older crappy switches
i want to measure deadtime between the switch contacts

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he is targeted or you have contacted and secured nico
im going to buy some muffler hangars
haha mine broke off on the way to lunch yesterday
right now i have speaker wire hangars
and electrical tape to make sure the speaker wire doesnt slide or bounce off the hooks
hi i was at work
someone at work said that
im like okay yeah we have coat hangars?
but we do have wire and electrical tape
you are punk
it made the volvo less noisy!
like at idle
so im going to see if i can buy some longer rubber hangars
i had them replace the muffler before i bought the car
so i think they just used some random hangars

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i remember the one when you were walking past your flowers to the center of the above ground part

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but i might be trippin it was maybe last night
macegr: tell company to just let me live in korea, y/n/m
haha what
like alchemy but for stuff?
haha i still remember digdug theme
i wont try and sing it out loud because i think i will have a little kid freak out seizure doing it
digdug 3d would need like thermal and radar/sonar views

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17:32 <@renesis> blackmoon: sweet
17:40 <@renesis> how to turn fog down
blackmoon: ^
it was pretty impressive
okay i will prob ask you again about that soon
haha yeah i was reading when you explained before
i put like maybe 300 or 400 hours into that game =\
macegr: ?!!?
he was around earlier today i think

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wtf wat

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how to turn fog down

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blackmoon: sweet

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urmom is:
jolies chin.
im taking a nap before lunch

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i think theyre maybe 60
they have really kickass regulation tho
he has the wrong tip or the iron too low
well then put the hakko at 900F
the standard 907 chisel tip is good enough for heavy solder
yeah just hold it there to preheat

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you like rockabilly/psychobilly stuff?
thats kinda country ^
heh rly its like 90s hardcore

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10:58 < Arcturus`> along with 50s and 60s rock.
that era of rock is like, punk country + blues
so it makes sense you like it
its obviously the best form of country music
dont need to be one to enjoy the music

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