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`nico my city will never die, will never stop, will yield for no one
anyway they moved the exaust ports to the side of the chamber
which i guess made the 'flooding' issue worse
because i guess flooding a rotary is actually stripping the oil from the apex seals with the unburnt gasoline
and since thereis no more port on the perimiter mating surface for the apex seals, the gas doesnt go anywhere
they even have a note in the manual like, dont turn off the car immediately after starting it
so yeah 13B Renesis = as fail as the car it lives in

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who the fuck is meghan
actually nm i dont really want to know
jezus fuck maybe its good i havent kept up on chan gossip
no u, sir
thats retarded
greasly: thats the spirit
god i loved those comics
are you drunk because if youre not i might have to ban you
its the latest mazda 13B, actually
well, the Renesis is, im renesis

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