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serauni2: weird
what are you making?

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serauni2: wat

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uh, depends
typically if youre measuring for the value of a single component you would remove it or lift one side

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kind of expect driver bullshit with that
ha @ usb floppy
i guess because mobo will turn it into typical floppy interface or what?
yeah but thats not really xp being awesome its just the mobo being unretarded
they prob come here to hang out with you

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pretty sure sp2 integrated has sata drivers
why are you using xp images from like 2001
i show up put some pirate shit on throw on security and media player apps and gtfo
oh but thats raid stuff

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wtf man
just get that xp 9 in 1 sp3 shit
already fixed, just select corp install from the boot menu so like you double dont have to worry
seriously how do you own a computer and not have like 10 burnt xp discs just lying around
i pick that shit outta my socks

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hmm there is scratchiness in one of my plastic bourns pots

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rab: i have my bass strung with some slightly thicker flatwounds and tuned like the low 4 strings of a 5 string
its doing the low open B fine
kind of want a fretless bass
should learn to play this one first i guess =\
this is kind of neat i can walk around with my bass and stuff
holy shit this thing costs more than what i thought

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rab: ha its a mic wireless i guess
XD-V30 features one mic model, inspired by* Shure® SM58®.
like we couldnt just make one, we had to make one that sounds like something else
were weird
# 10Hz - 20kHz frequency response
# Up to >120 dB dynamic range
# 24-bit conversion
and i guess 100ft range
well its kind of cheating comparing seek times
since there prob just like 16gb to seek through on those old scsi drives
on this one i guess
this is the cheaper one, i think its made for lav mics
i should check the input impedance

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rab: i got free wireless setup for my guitar!
dunno why guess we had extra
no idea

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