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coming back, korean security checked all my stuff twice, unwrapped stuff, asked me what the ugly bolts were about, asked me a few random questions (really nice)
once at the terminal and once inside the gate right at the plane door
took like 15min total, TSA was more than an hour
TSA put me aside and gave me a full pat down but didnt even open my bag
another time they let me on with two home amplifier AB output sections
PCBAs and heatsinks
oh and two huge e-caps
like 2x7" cans

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so yeah almost hit her
was in a hurry because there was a friend at a park eating dirt and doing sand angels and biting other friends
TSA outgoing at bradley international didnt even unwrap my programming and interface PCBAs
had 6 of (3 types and backups)

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and we go home and my friends are all like peeing and stuff was awesome
danielson: one time i almost killed a girlcop
and she pulled someone else over and waved me over
and then apologized for popping out like that but that i should be more careful for people popping out like that in the right lane
she was like crying, little bit =\
oh, she was a motorcycle cop forgot to mention

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rab: haha i got pulled over dropping off some friend of a friend bullshit in the middle of van nuys
because like im stopped at a red gonna do left then into tommys parking lot
and my friend is like go go straight go (because he wanted tommys so bad)
so i thought he meant light was green and im watching for cars and no cars so i got like 2 feet past crosswalk
then im like fuck and drive back and then cops drive by and my friends are all wasted in the car
and girlcop is like HOW MUCH DID YOU HAVE TO DRINK im like what a beer like 3 hours ago
and shes like WHAT ONE im like yeah one and she unblinds me
and they take my friends IDs for i dunno why and then go have donuts for 10min

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would do it differently =)
i wanted black silk on bare FR4
and i got blue mask and said no mask on top and they did anyway and you cant even see that shit
kind of in the light
this is something else
single sided board
all through hole
is there drum n bass?
tip the girl in the back an extra dollar

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but i will get stabby if they try and take me out of the lab
give me $20k
i could probably get it
``nico: mostly it is
well yeah meaning if you are not so good you are fucked
and if you are about as good as someone who is younger they can pay $30K less, then yeah youre maybe fucked anyway
my lack of a BSEE and my salary cap and my capabilities are prob what keep me in a job
went to school

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hi i went to school i has job
hey whatever there is the whole learning part of it you know
i could use more of the math stuff rubbed into my brain
yeah not really its just kind of like, prime directive
when you say my name with a period like that does that mean you are rly srs
dude i cant do basic calc
like yeah i get all the concepts i can easily make shit happens with electronic bits
i see enough equation i have like no context it sucks with some white papers especially
well yeah this is audio, ``nico
engineer is the guy twisting knobs in the studio, too
stuff gets blurry
i almost had to refuse an engineering title at my last job
at least HR had a clue
anyway you can get into management
then there is no cap

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extended manufacturing lab + office cult sociology
rab: i finished both my AS things and ended up with a lib arts AA too
so i mean technically im done + 2 degrees, according to the original plan
yeah 2 or 4 years
maybe 3 or 6, or maybe never
no i just generally skip value to denote i really have no idea
rab please to stop making sense
also dont make me paste what youre saying to english teacher, her volvo is newer
yeah it was basically drilled into my brain that not going to school would be total absolute failure

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macegr: neat
because then one day i can make the big bucks
and not soon
but it take awhile to save up money
and even if i dont it would be neat to have to money
*the money
for a BSEE prob like 2 or 4 years
anyway this is more educational right now

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aw shit
but yeah @ delorean was a fiberglass kit volvo with steel instead of aluminum
i have to go back to school
i need to finish this whole, korea/drama/moving thing

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sucks i see perfect de loreans and shit
but most the miura and 914 i seen are all jacked up sitting in a driveway or shop lot
rab: the plastic and steel never match
on any of them for as long as i can remember

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holy shit look at all the rab
' paper shims at the ends'
what like laminated paper?
there was prob like asbestos or fiberglass in it haha
' the stainless steel panels hang on a fiberglass bucket frame.'
wow thats ass backwards
thats like kit car shit, but in steel instead of aluminum
wow i thought i didnt like the car before
but its super neat to see them
any ugly old rare car, tho

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i c wat u did der

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fuck spiders

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arbitrary usually means generated from some sort of wavetable of programmable data
least thats what it means on hp/agilent generators and in ltspice

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