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i dunno im down with homework if its interesting
better not be stupid homework tho

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niteshade: do you ever do gravity bongs in your bathtub?
not just irc, but efnet
but we are the smartest mfkrs here so your chances at getting help, while still low, are prob highest in #electronics
unless its a car problem
then overall, we are pretty dumb

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okay guys so i have a plan
rly its the same plan
except now the PCB designs are just lying around
hmm fuck
i hate it when i do quick PCB with eagle silk
fucking ugly i cant show this to people
wtf is motor theory
apply power, dont recieve torque, smell burn enamel

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macegr: haha
my friend:
Are these for real or are these china shit?
Dear Sir,
these are toshiba transistors, please see my ebay-feedback, my husband and I are electronic engineers.
I am a Chinese, the world needs mutual respect.
Have a nice day,
sometimes its hard to be a chinese

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you think youre in russia or something?

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