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then like, have each arduino do diff size pulses to indicate which switch they are
have them watch the bus to try and not clobber
hey this one is maybe usable
you put resistors on each of the switches so that it forms a divider with a common resistor
select resistors like, 1K 2K 4K 8K 16K
and the go into an analog input
good luck making it work with 20 switches that can be in parallel
but thats a real world true 1 wire solution

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anyway serialized rarely means sending data over 1 pin without any support
but i guess using another microcontroller breaks the arduino concept
just buy another arduino to do the switches and one of the functions another pin on the first arduino is doing, free up TWO pins on the first arduino, allowing clocked signal com
or you could do like an arduino per switch

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you want to make a shift register with switches?
if you want 16 switches and one io with no other interface hardware, youre prob pretty new at this
even with a shift reg you prob need another pin to clock it
what i suggest
is to get another microcontroller with 16-20 available io in addition to the spi lines or whatever
then yeah i dunno spray the io with some custom timed 1wire protocol

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macegr: who was it?
at chinapcb
that wrote that
oh i dont know andy
how do you know it is susans hair
maybe its cherrys

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im not i laughed about this yesterday
the text itself is pretty funny tho
i like their english =D
there are barrels of oil sitting on the bottom of the ocean

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it puts the bits in the register or it gets the bucket
so anyway to sell arduino shield stuff, you prob have to release some sort of demo code with it
or people will be like who cares
or im wrong or what
like can i sell shield shit without even buying an arduino?
or what
yeah which
oh huh
well thats easy
there is lowes in china
i was like what

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so arduino is basically a c api for hardware
or what do they have a loader does this work with avrstudio i dont use this shit what is it
wait they have like, a whole ide
can i click buttons and make pwm work
or setup timers
so its bullshit its an avrdude frontend or what
so its basically a c library and like avrstudio for kids
or its not even c its like made up
okay so its a c lib with hardware
but i mean
neither do i when ive used that avr before
like, reusable code is easy when its one platform

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does this mean the pinout shit will change
just call it bitchesnowwhat
why whats wrong with it?
the gaps arent .1"?
or you want 2mm headers
its prob on purpose
hahaha what
man thats lame
how do you fuck that up
is it autorouted to
naw man eagle has excellent ways to deal with this
i have countless failure to fails
so how come no one makes a big avr
with multiple full ports

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so i wipe the firmware i lose usb?
how much are they
and they locked the usb avr or what
well i dont want to make an arduino

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hey thats cheap for embroidering
wow i am so surprised
what new arduino
whats that
uh wtf

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macegr: haha @ end dialog
and yes i knew this aaaw jeaaah was you
macegr: where did you get your lab coat
do they have something more hardcore
o i been there

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friendgirl went to nyc to see ween for almost free
you ever been to nyc?
he endo'd the wellchair

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haha @ corrugated tube expansion
i can tell from the miniplug
alot of times the cones are just a cast piece of plastic and one piece with the former
those little speakers, because they dont do enough power to melt the plastic
but yeah, pretty rigid, prob heavy so low resonant freq
where on the speaker and what baffle
i dont remember details tho

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was it ever crazy swollen?
all bruised and stuff
sprains is usually a ton of swelling
if you didnt cry and shit you prob didnt sprain it
omfg go to a dr
or just walk into urgent care

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i just pull off the strip on the bic then use something to flatten the little tabs that get bent
and its like 90s bic
scripto and cricket electrics are better, tho
bic electrics were pretty neat
i used them when i used to smoke in the shower alot
you can just blow the water out of the electric ones to clear the sparkgap and they work fine
normal bics get wet, theyre useless until they dry out
i was pulling those apart to ESD shit for debug at stanton
haha @ using a dead lighter to light a lighter with a wet flint
lookin like a crazy person and shit

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never seen it happen
i dont do it
and you just dont pickup the ball end
hate that
theyre for cigs
they cant deal with sustained flame
bics eventually melt at the valve and rocket off, too
okay well indiana lighters sound really sucky
like, they get hot and bend
on ours
so you just cant press the button down anymore
everyone i know just uses bics
other people lose their lighters at peoples homes and dillute the supply
i usually dont even try on other lighters
it usually fucks them up

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fuck that, stock gets mixed up
i like those oxy torch lights
the to3 mounted flint with a handle you squeeze to make sparks
that works
a lot of people wont smoke their herb with lighters anymore
they have ball end glass rods
and they use propane torches to heat the glass rod
its a goofy setup
its boro glass, propane wont do that
you put the heated glass rod onto the pot

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so i think maybe because of building muscle while being all squatty, all that stuff got moved and now sometimes the nerve kind of gets bent or pinches or something
Irwin Tool Industries
hmm what else does irwin make?
seems familiar
fuck that, those tanks should be solid as fuck

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that shit works, thats why i really think its a tendon/ball socket/nerve interference issue
well i dont necessarilly mean inside the ball socket
all the pain comes from like, where the muscles and tendons wrap around the socket area
nerve is yellow thing
and theres more muscles above and below it that it basically weaves through

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i will be stuck for days, muscle relaxers work, but then i will be stuck for days
so i just try not to be limpy so people dont feel bad, but if i stay on it its usually gone in a couple days
i used them to get my medical papers
i just threw bottles full of vicodin and valium on the dr's rolling tray, 'i cant take these they make me useless'
the prescription sticker had dates from like 2 or 3 years prior
its basically a waiver for the dr, haha
i prob still have the valium

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so like, my tendons are slightly in the wrong place
and stuff gets pinched and swollen when i am day to day being in a normal position
because one of the ways i could fix it was to grit my teeth and ride my bike
hardcore muscle relaxers also fixed it
anti inflammatories help it
also its likely combined with a heriditary issue
haha fter my mom had known about it for year (i think), one day she is like 'OH THATS WEIRD YOU HURT RIGHT THERE ME AND GRANDMA TOO!'
resting when it happens is the worst thing
and most the drs told me to just stay on it, stretch, dont just lie around
like, the muscles tighten up and it makes the prob way worse, i cant even move because the tension on my tendons pre-movement will pinch something and the pain is pretty insane

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dont remember
think so, xray one time
they never done MRI or CT scan for this
they once did it to my brain tho =\
``nico: every dr says its something different
sciatica from various causes, swelling from hip socket damage, pinched nerve at a spinal disc
i think (and some of the drs agree) its from or was aggravated by riding my cruiser bmx to school (6mi/day) for years
no suspension, so harder on the joints, and i was building my muscles while maintaining a squatting position

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like they even know whats wrong

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v bad hip is almost bad

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sculptor: not yet

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