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to the max

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if im gonna carry a messenger bag type thing, better have a real computer inside
ive been taking my backpack to work since i took it to korea
i was in korea on business for two weeks
shit didnt happen like it needed to, so i have to go back
but shit is continuing not to happen, so im basically held hostage
(wanted to move, lease is up next month)
shit needs to settle the fuck down
they prob gonna send the younger ME back to cn before i go back to kr
nico: prob the other one

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but i mean if you have something big enough to do pdf or spreadsheets, might as well have a real pc

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haha hopefully i never have to do any dev stuff with the lab ipad
yeah on my laptop nico i do it constantly
also ive done concept layout for boards on paper
yeah most of us have both
no a real computer and a paper pad and something to write with
just vp types play with ipads, marketing types play with smartphones
well an ipad can display a pdf and a spreadsheet
so i actually consider it useful
'working' on an iphone or android is just goofy

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you gave money to apple so im still laughing
oh its stolen?
oh google phones
duh but i only read like sparse bits of scroll
blackberry has a keyboard
i want the samsung android with real kbd
but my phone contract not used up for like way more than a year
yeah my shit makes phones calls
my laptop fits in meetings
most the people actually working have notepads and pens and shit

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need a nap before drum n bass
tonight is r.a.w. vs 6blocc
which is kinda funny because like, thats the same guy (6blocc is r.a.w. doing dubstep)
heh, 90s min of dnb vs dubstep - could be epic or totally ridiculous

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you just gotta refresh more

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dx^: rab:
sure electronics has class-d amps at partsexpress

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youll need more than one pin, most likely
its a lot simpler that way
gotta go werq bye

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