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i won BOTH fake races

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not so downlow i can just say its artist studio space
bed + shower = easier to get people to use the space
thats usually how signs like that happen
it drags on the pcb
it does have a linear z axis, its binary
up, down, depends on the weight of the headstock and the collar offset to set depth

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much nicer ^
rab: what cutters?
single flute?
or pyramid or what
yeah those work pretty good
like 15ipm i think, sounds right
rab: do you think i should drop bestcat off at moms and get shop place?
i felt bad but mom came over and cat totally loves her
most places have offices i can split up

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has wigwag mode
Go through all tools, materials, etc., in the plant and work area. Keep only essential items & eliminate what is not required, prioritise things as per requirements and keep them in approachable place & Everything else is stored or discarded.
dunno, in a dev lab that doesnt make a ton of sense
you dont know what youll need or when youll need it, you end up regretting storing things deep or discarding a lot
so you just dont
looks like assembly line stuff
guys this week im redoing my pc and packing up to move
this is gonna be a shitty week

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heh @ american production floor
no hacked`
use a 1K resistor in series with the led across 5v and measure the voltage across the LED
use that voltage for your current calculations
thats pretty much any system

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its VAC/.707 or VAC*1.414
your DC value should be larker than the RMS AC value

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it depends
but usually its (VAC/.707)-1.3V
the 1.3V being about two diode drops
depends on current and temp and luck

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