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looks like a safe
not that i know of
tube has been working on this thing for years
youve seen pics of it before probably

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thats what primer is for
that bot is retarded
is it made to be a finish coat tho?
then dont itll wear away
yeah but its not wear resistant
like itll rub away where you lean on it with yout hand or something
might take 6mo or a year
yeah what youre doing is best, just call and ask them
they prob dont make primer
then ask them about their primer
anyway if you like the color, i would throw a matte clearcoat on it
dark grey ftw
dark green is neat
deep blue too
tan might end up pinkish with the primer

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they dont slow down, stop, speed up again
they let get to the end of a stroke anf lick theirwrists the other way and go the other direction at the same speed
what are you painting?
maybe mask off an area on the back
and see how many layers of white it takes to cover it
haha nice
yeah that would be cool
you could clearcoat it too
black i think
the paint is likely insulative
so you get less paint and the black body radiation effect from black
clearcoat it
that color doesnt look bad
yeah but dont just leave it primered
itll look fucked
at least do matte clear coat or primer sealer
yeah but itll wear away

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use multiple thin layers so it dries evenlyand doesnt run
do not wave your hand around with your finger on the button
do long strokes and lift off the button well before you end the stroke
this prevents polling of paint when you stop at the end of your stroke
this is how to spray paint
pretty fuckin easy but its like no one knows how
start stroke, start paint (off surface if you can), even speed stroke, stop paint, stop stroke (off surface if you can)
but with light layers (dont stroke too slow) you can start and stop on surfaces without it being noticable
but you cant stop the stroke with the button depressed
if you stop you get like a dot thats equv to like 4 or 6 layers of paint =\
well whatever what i described is how to spray paint anythin
notice when you see people continuous spraying with sprayguns
say in a booth painting a car
they jerk when they change direction

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i just got the daily news for 20 weeks because some kids are like "only $20 from you and we get $1000 for college!"
hate the daily news, haha
LA Times ftw

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factory pres emailed when i asked him if they were cool making a jig we need
and hes like, if you do it when youre here i will pay for dinner!
so weird ive lost 30 lbs dont even realize how
but ibet eating at the factory for two weeks was a part of it
is funny i dont ever feel 30 lbs lighter when this happens
neat, panera with other hacker tomorrow at 1300
PCB should make you happy
meh dont wanna drive back to werq
fuck toner transfer that shit is too much of an art form
get a mill

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real commercial audio shit has mains filters
so who cares
i want to do some midi shit im pretty lame i havent done any yet
i guess because it doesnt seem challenging
macegr: since wed:
leaving this weekend, leaving next weekend, leaving dunno when, leaving next weekend

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its DC next to signal channels
its just shielding
power consuming shielding
then its just leakage
and really if its not coupled to anything its not even shielding
i want to go buy some of that 2 channel underground power cable
with the thick black insulation and thick inner insulation
and like twisted with paper for strain relief
best speaker cable ever
with some pomona MDPs
sucks tho my technics home amp doesnt have bananas
neither do my old fisher speakers =(
haha im using like 18awg speaker cable
for lower highs!
macegr: theres a test button =)
so its basically a bunch of flush and an led in series with a button
okay gotta drive back to werq

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damn guys
lost my wallet
haha way
found wallet in my jacket pocket
(havent worn my jacket since korea before i realized korea isnt a jacket country
theyre dumb they should have put 100uF caps at both ends
and then used a pullup resistor to DC bias the signal
which might actually offer a decent amount of EMI immunity
an educated guess, but sounds more sane than energizing insulation
everything does something to audio
haha yeah
my fav is mp3 bubbles

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japan is not into crackers

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