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i didnt even go anyplace yesterday
how do i end up in jail
also im like double protected from going to jail for what i normally go to jail for
nation of california = progressive

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i get it
i didnt watch enough

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clicking with a lean
there is no sipping here
actually i might get another cup of that chocolate soy milk
guys there is processed cow puss in nesquik =( =( =(
that sucks
macegr: i dunno it dont see the in between stuff
looks like a square grid and the letters are going fast

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its got antialiasing?

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anyway it was about you using analog meters
hey thats pretty neat you are prob using 1w resistors that come from your country
i dunno i didnt pick the springs or coil for the meter
increase what resistance
jezus fuck this is like whos on first
shunt for the current meter
well me either

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i have no idea what youre talking about
how do you know it was increasing current if the meter was giving correct readings before
was it turning when it was giving no reading?
okay im done
dont put leds directly across a voltage source
thats all i care about
some shit about you keep blowing up meters
you had to replace the fuse
and youre pissy because it didnt run at max current for more than 30sec
wow that must be awesome fuse costs like $3 here now
where do you live
i see
well this makes much more sense
hey do you guys still have electronics shops?
im half mexican
you fucking jackass
because it unclamped the psu
and/or your meter is wrong

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haha im telling you how to diagnose that you clamped a psu shorting it with an led
anyway dont do that ever again
put an led directly across a voltage source
i could ban you for that and no one would feel bad
yeah because youre proving to them youre uneducated
that you suck at electronics
thats not using LEDs that blowing up LEDs and putting PSUs into protection
thats annoying i would kick you out of class
blowin up my LEDs and fuckin up my PSU and shit
yeah lets ESD test the i meter for the manufacturer wtf...
and then
and then

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sounds like you got lucky and the voltage clamps and maybe it only got a spike of surge current
and hopefully you are reading 750uA on the current meter
not 750mA
sounds like you blew the mA fuse
whats the limit on the amp socket
max what
but wait you blew the 10A fuse
do you have resistors
you you have 5 ohms 5W
1w in what values
btw were making sure you didnt bake the i meter
but you really need another meter to do voltage at the same time

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thats nice that it still lights up and everything, but i wouldnt install that shit in any sort of device i was going to sell or do service on for someone
okay your led is RGB or what color
the shit shouldn't light up yellow if it lit up real red
its not the LED in normal operation you saw
i think you saw the led toasting itself
i used to do the same thing to 1n914
little glass rectifier diodes, if you over current them, they turn into red light emitting diodes for the final 2sec of their life
with this awesome fade in and out
marcecko: if you put the led across 5v, with no resistance, you might have put the psu into protection
maybe it clamped at the led voltage, and thats why it only pushed .75A through it and sustained it
anyway you put an LED across a voltage source like that with no current limiting, the LED is gone

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haha, the 5v supply is prob in protection mode
current limiting
uuuh what
so you did:
5V ------ (+)Imeter(-) ----- (A)LED(K) ------- GND
well sir why isnt your led asploded
maybe the fuse in your current meter only half opened
so now its a 1R resistance
well look man you hooked up the led across 5V with no resistor, the LED is gone

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the opamp is prob $2
thats prob fine
it might not be rail to rail input
youll need that if youre not using dual supplies for the opamp

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travel dates confirmed
gone this weekend
you need to amplify with a low input offset voltage opamp
very few mV is a typical noise floor

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man i gotta go back to no irc in the morning policy easily waste 30min

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anyway going to make it clear i dont mind being there longer as long as there is work to do

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its the week everyone else is going to be there
other chan
oh youre not there
i wasnt going to blog this to lordpil =)
anyway so being there a week while everyone else is there, im going to get a lot less done
factory bossguy has already promised to take me in email
just gotta show em how to use these little alignment jigs

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got a date for my trip
sorry cat puked...
so yeah, was going to leave two days ago, then this weekend, now in one and a half weeks, but only for a week wtf now i can slow down time or thats a mistake
anyway its always been two weeks, and ive always assumed 3 to 4, so this one week thing is confusing

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damn guys stfu
neat @ cnc'd helical gears

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