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new or old?
the old one was serious shit
they were always working for a hot girl *and* an old man
you dont joke about shit like that
timecop: do they do the cameras in both directions under the cars shots?

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why do they need to be out of site
why cant they just be at home in their apartment

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uhoh phone status LED turns orange
if you charge and talk on the phone itll overheat
boots you off the phone
stops charging

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i just had 5 hour old pizza
and that shit was awesome

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wow efnet webchat will idle all day now
no u
inittab was borken
prob still is

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zeeshan: well yeah cutting with a ball of plasma isnt to precise
lasers, yo
thats what you new
pew pew pew
water is so good its scary
5 axis water is like an operator in peices waiting to happen

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Sculptor: at work we have some wrong-fu looking mill
any its been fitted with step CNC shit
but that step driver has a serial input?
ya i was like wtf
maybe its just custom input on db9
i think there was a pair
no ive just glanced at it
when we make time, im going to be one setting it up again
so im going to try and get pics, i think it had a pretty big label
the Z is coupled by a toothed belt, like a timing belt
and the motor isnt going to stall before that thing slips
and there is a nice CNC toolpath about 1/8" down into the table

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i idle in there for a long time but i dont pay attention so much
i think thats inittabs?
he fell off prob be back soon
he cant deal with being around other intelligent people
because he cant deal with being wrong
fuck man in group engineering being wrong is like, inevitable

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cant even be nice to that fucker because after two days of getting along he forgets goes back to being a dick and wasting people time and calling everyone retarded
hes pretty much like stu but older and with a shred more electronics talent
whatever everyone can control themselves
stu knows analog?
i dont even remember exactly how we got rid of stu
and what i do its prob more polite to not mention, but he got kicked out more than he left, and if hes still on freenode ##electronics, hes hiding
oh youre saying avrfreak
both on and off, from what i hear

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are you serious?
i've always needed my mouth washed out i even got my mom saying WHAT THE FUCK she doesn;t even realize it
well hes just more of an asshole
so hell use fucked up words at people, not just while talking to them
yeah well people dying if they dont want to sucks but that guys an ass, i didnt do shit to him and he decided im his arch enemy

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