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urmom is: servo controlled.
time for sleep i guess
then what i said makes sense
damn guys plane takes off at 12:45
well at least i get to chill out for a whole day when i get there

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stfu they dont even know youre an eskimo
fuckin natives

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so my eee tablet gets here saturday
i leave saturday
whats chumby
it has a screen or something doesnt it

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not good
what again

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the return path i usually some sort of screen, and its low current, so you just have to get voltage on traces to the segments its like gnd doesnt exist
i wonder if the gap between the little segments acts as the screen
my old tek analog vector dso does NG shit at me
i should prob check when my plane leaves

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that is kinda neat
guys when i get back im going to spray chinapcb with gerbers
they will be like no NO STOP
i will be like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
or ya, vfd, wat
oh jezus fuck
hey thats prob pretty easy to drive tho
timecop: no i mean to drive the vfd
its not really a current thing

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damn thats like saying youre tired of life, no?

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still think its a bot?
well im clicking on your link
doesnt like shifted 3
man drum n bass isnt for hours
kenny ken tonight, prob wont even be able to find my buddies

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youre mad because it doesnt edit video as fast as a 2gb quad core?
also carrying a full size laptop around to do troubleshooting/debug/field work sucks
and like, i have a 4gb 2.4ghz quad with some sort of evga 9600gtx or whatever
internet still fucks up
programs will still act retarded
seriously its about the same experience as the 3200+ 2GB GF5 thing before
no u
my weed is better than yours

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again, its a real computer and used daily for standard pc tasks
haha with more success through a pl2303 dongle than the company desktops with hardware serial
a phone is more a joke than an ipad for this shit, and ipad users get all excited about opening a pdf
if you want to use your cell phone as a midi device, though, i guess we fuckin pioneered that
anyway finished with your timecop emulation, or what?
you obviously expect too much =)

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omfg all packed
like prob 60lbs of techy gear
including 2x company eeepc
yeah its kind of like apple computer
except useful
yeah everyone says that yet we been using mine fine
and these are twice as fast with 2" more screen
but feel free to continue with your size queenish musings
i know and im laughing hard at you for even bringing it up
and yet we do both fine will doing pdfs and uploading firmware
but i guess in your line of business you need a $1500 pc to do this stuff
my 700MHz celeron eee with 512mb and 4gb ssd and 800x480 res has been useful for years

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sega renesis
in what
i guess
ask the fabhouse
my vehicle is from 1986 its hella reliable
just leaks transmission fluid
and cant pass smog
but its been like this for like 15K miles, and it has more than 200K
typically, same money for a newer car means a shittier newer car

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wtf is toy cad you need a real dxf cad app or what?
eda for kids =)
haha wtf oval holes show me that drill
you cant draw arcs or what
holes is just some more art on the dimension layer man i dunno what youre tripping on
i could draw spirals for holes and the pcb house wouldnt know wtf to do but i can put it
then i would draw on the dimension layer
in the library editor for the part
i should learn pads

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timecop: what
well yeah besides that its a shitty incomplete drawing

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