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realtime interface stuff (audio, logging, control, etc etc)

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really im not trying to be involved in google vs apple toy OS wars
i kind of wanted the samsung android phone
i really like my samsung touch screen w/ slide out keyboard phone
but i fucked up and got a two year contract so if i want the samsung android itll cost me like $400 or something dumb
apple isnt manufacturing company
theyre barely a software company
theyre a marketing giant
so just by nature im like, fuck that
its like yamaha or sony or honda
well yeah, korea is doing better than most right now

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i dont really like laptops for home
at home i can have a desktop setup, its not an issue
at work laptops are neat, because like meeting or i need to have a computer for some task away from my cubething
but netbooks are neat for work and school and home and fucking around
so like it gets used in the most situations, so i need something on it that can handle anything
like, i dont see a phone operating system on a tablet as being incredibly useful
if i cant run the same apps on it as i can at home and at work, i cant use it for a lot of situations, so its basically a toy and a status symbol
maybe if the most technical thing i ever did was open a pdf, it would be okay

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windows means i can do anything, usually with little drama, interface almost any kind of external hardware
well if im paying hundreds of dollars for a small device thats supposed to do computer things
i want it to be able to do computer things
sorry most 'apps' i seen are toys
also user contributed content is generally shitty and riddled with bugs
yeah that seems neat
but its hardly a replacement for a tool that can accomplish anything

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i got mine for $280
its android
okay so it really costs close to $1000
and its a fucking phone
sorry i need a realcomputer to do work and shit
can it run windows
see because in my life i have this thing kind of like app store, its called the internet, and I need all the apps on this internet thing for my life to be complete
tho this girl let me play with her iphone and i beat all the levels of the drum game
well windows on desktop makes me money

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because im like 6000mi away

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neat, eee tablet didnt get jacked by ups guy or neighbors
is being held hostage in my managers office

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