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i guess reworking stuff at insane pace like 10 hours at a time for days straight within view of buyer girl is pretty impressive

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neat at least boss guy is happy
says if i need to cancel the card they can prob figure something out to help me
i forgot to bring my bills spreadsheet =( =( =(

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so lame i have to find an atm that will eat my card
(airport one didnt want to work i tried like 3 or 4 diff ways)

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DX^: haha neat

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well it all depends if you are on a stage or on a street corner macegr

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even kissing seems dangerous

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yeah i dont even want to know what a bj with a lip ring feels like
seems like getting a good seal would be a problem
hahaha @ straw in an almost empty cup sounds

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god im so glad i have almost no idea what youre talking about
also lip rings are nasty
monroes and la brets are okay
sounds like advanced manufacturing skills to me
haha i reinforced my duffer bag with duct tape
it worked

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well google fucked up then thats lame
least i dont have to make a fb acct now ty

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so i cancel the claimi when i get home
and they dont start investigating until then
she likes skittles and vin diesel
i get the feeling im not dealing with a criminal mastermind
et's see how many true Christians are on FB! Press Like if Jesus is your Savior!!
it came up when i searched her name and new jersey
\man sucks i dont want to make a fb acct

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doesnt matter because i keep them all but it makes the point

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they wont update status as fraud unless they cancel my card
so i told them they cant do they because like, i need to live and shit
unless they could get me a new card in one night
now on hold
im in korea =\
i know i done this before
talking to phone girls manager, sigh
it was probably the taxi dude
the receipts here have your full CC number too

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already moved all the money into another acct
dox her after

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christina truong got some memory with my check card
i bet it was that taxi driver
was shipped to new jersey
i get to file police reports and shit now!
i cant cancel my card, so kinda =\
calling bank to update claim

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nice, we are revamping saudi air force with our gear, and refurbishing the shit they have
$20 says were blowing up and getting blown up by those F15 and F16 within 10 years

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there was supposed to be?
im pretty sure if theres an earthquake big enough to need a siren, everyone gonna know about it
i dont think they thought that decision over very hard
youve never been in a big earthquake before have you
the transformers blowing up all over the horizon makes the point pretty well
you names your pole pigs?
k back to sleeep

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macegr: i didn't participate
because yeah if the earthquake was big enough to feel here i think the whole world would be fucked
i guess the paging system fucked up (reading about it naow in email)

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