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man efnet web irc is all wonky
half the time its like CANT LOOK UP YOUR HOSTNAME!
but freenode web irc is same client and it works

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normal gummy worms have smily faces?

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i dont like the bones
and id rather have honeydew
spice runs the universe
i impressed my korean work buddies with my pepper and garlic eating abilities
heheheh i tells them im part romanian
and this how i know im not a vampire
(or im like, evolved garlic resistant vampire)
i got pumkin soup on my factory work jacket =(
they found me one in XXL!
light straight cut jacket with jersey lining and little pockets inside for TWO pens
fuck yeah

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i put my check card in like 20 diff atm machines before one accepted it
well i walked around for hours
got mad lost until i found a bridge i recognized from my ride home
i passed a pizza hut
finally found hotel
went to lobby of another hotel i passed at the beginning of my walk
cash aquired
so then i just crawled up the hill back to my hotel
and ask the guys at the desk to get me pizza hut
they says 30 min and they call me down
like maybe $16 for a large pepperoni pizza and a coke
hey what time did i leave before

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well i guess not maybe if its just changing gain
oh its a pedal?
well then they prob used an opamp because they dont know what theyre doing
extra opamp
it prob outputs through a 100K pot, too
man no pizza what am i gonna do
ive had kimchi like twice a day all wekk
i want pizza
im going to ask the front desk
i need to ask about doing my laundry too

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yay i found F1 on korean tv
its in korean
damn barichella is 2 sec off the pole
need to find pizza
google maps cant find pizza by the hotel
=( =( =(
then thats why there is a buffer
for the pot

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why do you care why
maybe the factory had too many
5532 isnt a random opamp
it has heroic THD and noise performance for the price
good for things like input and output buffers
and theyre not great for things like filters
because of the high input current of the BJT
but theyre basically industry standard for input buffers
if it doesnt make sense chances are it was just cheap in that situation
i havent seen the schematic but how can you not see that
oh shit he just RE'd it from your photo
this is why rab is neat

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arent those low noise BJT
anyway, hi
nap naow bye

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not even clicking.

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fuck man i hate when CNN talks about their twitter and facebook comments

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abusive use of arrows ftw
the best one, the arrows have like access panels and blocky accordian corrugation features
that one is too curvy
k sleep for 15min then breakfast and shower

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no hardcore is mostly dead =(
yeah it was prob on a flyer like 15 years ago
thats like when i drew dnb in 7seg and my friend was like 'seen it on 100 tshirts'
i kind of want to practice writing in techy tribal style
its not so easy without the lsd =\

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if my trip isnt delayed, they are doing I Love LA at this little club i really like
on the 30th
should be pretty neat, junglists on halloween
but yeah, last i love la was at this venue right next to LAX
normally i hate dubstep
but triple XL soundsystem was setup on this brick patio right near the runway
and the bass was sooooo clean and soooo hard
there were planes taking off maybe 100 yards away and we couldnt hear them \o/
super upscale club, they apologized for only having $4 evian (which is funny because in hollywood you get $4 sparkletts)
so yeah they prob dont want us to come back
cant take junglists anywhere nice =\
the other nice place we went to, there prob wasnt enough of us to cover the night for the venue, and the sound broke light fixtures and mirrors
and someone tagged on the mirror in the bathroom =\ =\ =\

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hey just like in LA
be macegr with LEDs
make them orange, tho

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