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omg ate all the pizza!
k everyone wish barichello good lucks
(actual chances of winning: heh...)

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yay korean gp starting!
haha i dont understand what theyre saying!

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mmmm pizza

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you open the door with a card
then put it in a slot to turn turn on the lights and tv and internets
last hotel was pretty ghetto
had a door key and a room enable card
so i just took the key off the card and left the card in the slot the whole time i was there

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heh the room disconnects the new when i take the card key out of the room enable slot

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LA couch is too little anyway
cant find korean tv channel list
stupid web client

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for at least another week
probably longer tho
no, is weekend and i only have her work mail
also she seems kinda shy, shrug
she dresses like normal office worker girl
sometimes she wears big tshirt and shorts but its been cold
she wears nice office girl shoes
iunno i never seen her out of work
LA couch?
i has no ouch here

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voltage too high
my box of inductors and speakers is in korea

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that shit is almost thicker than it is long
like they just laid a pc case on its side and attached an lcd
does it have little wheels and an extending handle to move it around?
drive your laptop to work and shit

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i dont know what your laptop wants
no in terms of power wtf i dont care about the laptop
oh nice
i had one around that old
neither was mine
there are little tanks

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if its a switcher, just throw the fat diode on and be like fuckit.
if its an old laptop who cares if it gets fucked up
the battery is prob fucked anyway if its old
and if there is a constant load, using a diode or three is prob fine
maybe put a resistor from the diode to ground, in parallel with the laptop, to make sure there is always current through the diode
if there isnt the voltage might float high and damage something but prob not
probably either is fine
well then youre going to need a pretty big fuckin diode

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dark emitting diodes ftw

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blackmoon: made is a pretty neat track too

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BlackMoon: this dubfx stuff is pretty neat, thanks
and yeah the bass sounds totally vocal (blappy)
some of the aqmbient background melody stuff is pretty sweet

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so i started going in between cars and trucks when there was like under 2 car lengths gaps
they stopped bitching at me
we wouldnt have been rear ended
we would have been pitted and died
dont questions moons spelling ishiboo
hes doing his part to evolve the language

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i think edgar was the only dude didnt get a speeding ticket
haha i didnt even have ID
but a week before i left i got a notice that my license was going to be suspended
but it didnt go into effect until a few days after the trip
so i was like \o/
i didnt pay the FL ticket for like 3 years, shit ended up on my credit report =(
'wait thats it?'
'yeah what boy you want more?'
'in los angeles, you get wreckless ticket for going that fast.'
'well you werent being wreckless, i dont understand.'
'FL is kinda neat'
more than 15mph over is a wreckless driving ticket
i didnt invent the language
they kept bitching i was driving like a grandma
because i drive fast when i feel safe and safe when i dont

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since we stopped for gas and a couple times to eat and to get a couple traffic tickets, it means we were going faster =\
san franscisco?
why are we going to drive 5 hours north to start the trip
we drove straight east through the desert
we stopped in FL on the way back, then just drove the 10 home
the 10 is home
when we got to SB and hit traffic on the 10, i kicked me shoes off and leaned the seat back
far as i was concerned, i was home
best 3 hours of traffic in my life
was like a big hug from los angeles
our little scion was overloaded
my friend brought 36 pairs of shoes
just to give you an idea of how much shit we had on us
naw i love that thing
were all from LA
to match his clothes
i laugh at him because hes such a girl about it
but really im almost as bad
except i go out of my way to make sure i dont match
in a little toyota with like 1000 lbs of people and gear?
hahah the mechanic looked at it when we came back asked if we raced that shit
i guess the plugs were totally glazed
yeah maybe 144kph

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yeah, we thought it would be like a short toll road
thing was forever
BlackMoon: step on my trip is pretty cool
flow is drum n bass
the 1, 3, 2, 3 beat at high bpm =)
tonsofpcs: no idea we just did what gps says
i was pissed a lot
old gps, like 5 years ago
it kept thinking we were jumping off freeways onto other freeways when wed go on overpasses
then give us directions to get back on the freeway we were already on
like, high stupid computer, the scion didnt just jump off the bridge
tonsofpcs: fuck off i asked for a paper map
was a no go, no stopping for shit
and okay really it was 44 hours, but thats not drive time, thats actual time
if you math out the distance and time, it comes out to 90mph average =\

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oh shit
its sequenced beatboxing?
says its just him and a loop sequencer
you ever seen rhazel?
this guy sings over his beatbox
and youre like, wat
how is he singing and doing drums behind the singing too
prob a loop sequencer and effects
basically a blank drum machine
i love driving to drum n bass
when we did that 90mph 40 hour LA to NYC thing, almost all we listened to was drum n bass
the amp underneath all our bags
amp didnt thermal shutdown until well into new jersey
hey that new jersey turnpike thing is long
running out of gas, rolling down hills with the car off in neutral, no music

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goddamn work is lucky i have drum n bass
its like 180bpm break beats the only thing calms me down when im frustrated now
hi HR!
dunno what youre talking about
dub = effects
(this is basically what defines dub music)
haha maybe its a typo
this is okay
bit slow

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[04:45] <GPF_1> 2 AToms bull shitting with each other, A1 "I think i lost an Electron" A2 "Are you sure" A1 "Yes, I am positive"
haha i <3 that joke

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thats alot of graphs and diagrams

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sounds like a good idea
ive never really heard of it before, so maybe the research doesnt exist yet'

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well all types of car maths, racing oriented book from a few decades ago
tigeraid prob knows, zwip/benzene knows

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its not exactly practical
yeah the vortex tube thing should work with a normal engine
but without a turbo or supercharger, it only works at speed
which means industrial gear which often moves slowly, or cars in traffic wont benefit
DX^: there a really good book about engine maths

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on a turbo setup
to get boost or cold air
i dont know what makes more sense
but turbo output is basically free, aside from bearing friction, so im not sure you lose much by exhausting warm air and loosing boost vs cool air
but i dont know if the cool air or the boosted air provides more efficiency
because thats not a small setup either
so you can maybe package the vortex tube thing in the same space
ozzzy__: normal CAI is just ambient temp
i think this can get stuff cooler
and you can still get boost
you would just valve the hot air output
so maybe its soomething you can tune for different conditions
also if you can get similar efficiency with the very cool air vs forced induction, its def a more reliable setup
boost tears up engines
ice coolers are pretty common in racing

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it cant be very small because itll restrict flow
when not moving, without forced induction, it creates more drag
maybe you can use it instead of an intercooler
if it proves to be more efficient than an air to air intercooler
that way its in operation whenever the engine is on
high efficiency stuff gets a lot of use is slow high torque equipment
like not so many cars are turbo, but lots of work trucks and stuff is
yeah dunno anything about that
you can valve the wam air output

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like what
ram air
90s GM tech
on camaros and firebirds at least
at high speeds the ducts were actually functional to increase intake pressures
but maybe the vortex tube is new
yeah i read the last line
oh hmm
maybe size is the limitation?
so i guess the issue is if you can get enough cold air
yeah ut it looks like it might need to be big
then thats where you math it but it sounds like a good idea but i dunno anything about it

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if its not fake, its a bit funny
Tekrad: ga tech

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