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BlackMoon: o i thought on your truck
dude serious wtf
this is just for hacking?
strip the banana ends of the test leads
and solder into 1/4" plug
thats pro as fuck
just use different 1/4" jacks
or get good test leads like fluke shit
you can get slide on tips for them
alligators, mini grabbers, etc etc
haha cool

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cheater99: no idea find and read the spec sheet

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how badly what
theyre hard to find
prob because if your company has money you just have like 20,000 produced for you at cheaper than distro price
ram air = 90s firebirds and camaros
you have a carb?
dude you prob have efi and its prob pretty high pressure?

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cut it off
than hack your own shit with banana ferrules
or something
pretty much
its just a tube with a flange so it doesnt fall through the pcb
make a pcb with mount holes and screw it into a box
panel mount insulators typically wont accept sleeved test lead bananas
dude i dont even want to talk about hot glue
we had some major hot glue drama at work it was prob like 200 hours of collective labor

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i think it means male dual plug
well you can plug them into the back
fine that works too
well it has the female bit
you just put the wires in the holes
and screw them in
fuck solder those are like 15A or 30A rated or some shit
dude those are male and female you can stack them
the wires go into the side
and the ring is strain relief
you plug the male bananas into the hole that you put the screwdriver
well into the back

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you can probably buy banana to 1/4" to go from bananas on pro audio amps into 1/4" speakers
dont buy china MPD either, get pomonas
the china ones get stuck compressed and dont stay in the banana sockets right
you have to like stretch them out with a little flat screwdriver its ghetto
yeah wtf @ a year'
cant smoke bowls at drum n bass in korea
it has neither
mouser it

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i think he scanned documents for a living
what do you mean test leads?
.75" spaced banana jacks?
pomona MDP
male or female
so get a 1/4" plug, get some zip line, get a pomona MDP
fuckit man get some speaker wire
shit thats not even hack thats practically a standard speaker connector

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remember i dont really drink and drunk girls are a turnoff
hi weekly drum n bass
the sound system
the performers
only place i see my friends on the regular
fuck yeah
now you understand
and all my money wtf
stu stu?
like STUpid stu?
youd want to butt rape stu?
im surprised it took us so long to think of it
pretty much

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and she gives me like beer cups of whiskey
and a cherry
one beer a week/
so timecop says im drunk
because i drink one beer a week
*a drunk
dude waters are $3 at this place
in hollywood theyre usually $4 or $5
so i tip her for waters
a beer is like $7 and anything else is at least $8
this isnt a bar bar
its a music venue with bars
its basically a fucking hole
like, dont wash your hands in the bathroom because touching anything prob make them dirtier
<3 <3 <3
well yeah if i went there to get laid id have stopped going a long time ago

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so now im like, what if buyer girl is being cool with me for boss guy
fuck that i love los angeles
yeah iunno
well i dont think she hates me
anyway now im all conflicted
and want to go home and see barserver girl
well head buyer guy is gone
so i think shes like running shit
yeah we got a professional relationship
but there is also friends and drum n bass
fuck yeah
at least its clear whats going on
srs i had to force her to take the tip
whatever it was an international beer bar
yeah duh
dude i dont drink
also fuck this shit theyre not cool with the herbs here
i prob end up a beer or three a night type
no i drive i have one drink at the beginning and slam water all night
sometimes i tell her whatever she wants for my first drink

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srsly what did macegr do to rezas house
haha what
prob moving his car away from the fireball
macegr: status of reza situation
also vp guy asked me about what do i think about staying in korea for a year
=\ =\ =\
they were talking about it
dude korea almost has no aids
do the research
anyway factory boss is like OH I CAN HELP HIM WITH THAT
dude its like 150+ rank in the world
per capita and total
yeah i forgot my condoms this time =\
but yeah lemme finish
so product manager is like HAHA ARRANGED MARRIAGE?
factory boss is like OH NO NO I CAN ONLY HELP THEN IT UP TO YOU

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