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theres prob ARM in space
nasa and mil shit is probably old

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as least its inside, overheating the chip prob gets you some efficiency back =D

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current limited ipeak resistor and comparator
current limited = ipeak resistor and comparator

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it affects timing

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its current limited

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do you have a scope or are you DMMing this?
its a darlington switch
its old
and cheap

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you can get FET transistor chips, and chips that use another FET instead of a schottky
suggestion is you go to digikey and click on shit and read datasheets
or go to semicorp sites and drink the koolaid

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its like a 30 year old design
theyre neat but if you need efficiency there are prob better options
why arent there better options

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for their conditions
they didnt claim shit
they gave you two examples, one of them is 70% efficiency
and theyre using larger voltages
making the saturation limitations of the darlington less significant
and prob configurability
enough to make it another chip with a higher cost
it works
thats a lot like a mc34063 with internal diode, but looser timing
well its easy

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then fuck with the Ipk resistor and Ct until switching goes lower freq
thats what the math says
why are you asking me
read the datasheet, Ipk is prob the switch freq not your output freq
omg for step down the math is retarded easy why are you even asking me
took about 5sec of research, im not going to tell you
if you want efficiency?
this thing says down to 100Hz
so 100Hz
hahaha yes seriously
welcome to reality

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lower the frequency
do you need it to be out of audio?
or do you need as much current as Ipk is set for?

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youre surprised?
[22:53] <Lope> and its quite resillient. I've just been putting random inductors on it and it works pretty well with anything u throw at it.
'pretty well' just means its not smoking, eh?
i dunno 50% out of a switcher doesnt sound like working
dude wtf @ try other inductors
or use one of their design apps

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why the fuck are they naming smps like their linear regs
anyway it sounds like integrated switch, its prob slewing too long because youre putting random inductors on it
not opening the datasheet, too tired
meh @ integrated, spread the heat yo

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it depends on ambient
if youre planning on using more than a few hundred mA or its general purpose or youre dropping more than 5V then you should have a heatsink
oh its smps

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[05:16] <@macegr> hey wow also renesis unless he's still in korea
still here
Rab: english teacher says to tell you to mind your own business (also i says to her rab says i dont need to go to school anymore)

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Rab: factory has apartments on the top floor so i guess id live pretty cheap
also im pretty okay with like 80% of the factory food
ive been ordered to make a list of pros and cons before she can help me out

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Rab: so yeah my first reaction wasnt as enthusiastic as i thought
so i gotta talk bunch of people figure it out
it was to up some stupid skill
or it was the only mag that upped nothing
im with rab on that
why is there an energy weapons article in cats paw
friends, drum n bass, patio barserver girl, home
if they dont step up im not going anywhere

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i dont
i need to talk to peoples
man i forgot what i was gonna say next before you asked me the important question
oh yeah vp mass emailed most of ops and engineering like
okay we need to limit who talks to factory boss theres way to much access and hes complaining its too much to deal with
i wasnt copied
so director of MEs mails me and his droogs like, okay monday lets work out comm shit for the factory boss
then i got makes sense factory boss gets 3 million emails a day
and vp is like, no i didnt copy you on purpose you can email factory boss whenever you want
wtf why am i special
i dont want their job
they get like hundreds of emails a day and they have some action on prob >50
yeah i keep trying to explain that to them when they are like YOU NEED TO GO OUT DO STUFF
im like, uh guys i work, weekends here is when i sleep

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macegr: why is techshop emailing me for money for a san jose shop
like i give a fuck
why dont they just email me like 'hey youre from los angeles? yeah well fuck you'
rab: now i has korean subway skills
i still havent paid the manager girl the $50 i dont think i owe her
fuck that there is maps
no diff than NYC
well she a big obese
bit obese
but not awful looking
dude fat chicks have the best asses bent over, looking from behind
well, like, reasonably fat
yeah but what about the next time
and the next time
fucking sucks when youre not so into it
hey i have those sometimes im like, w t f
rab: vp guy asked about staying a year
saw that coming

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