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just use the min beta spec
or use 50
just use 50

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timecop_: thats a kids toy wtf
why would you need to draw more than 1.6mA
that seems like a 500uA = plenty situation
uh, no
use a fucking transistors jezus fuck ITS LIKE YOU GUYS NEVER LEARN ANYTHING FROM US
k nite sleepy time

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jezus fuck timecop what calculator doesnt do fractions
dude if it has a divide key it does fractions
hi actual fractions is just divide
k die
show me the calculator that does it

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damn i drank all the pocari sweat before i even realized
stupid tasty lightly sweetened uncarbonated drinks

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BlackMoon: http://i55.tinypic.com/3445mcp.jpg
native res, cropped
#6 threads, <3 my cam

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so i just drop shutter speeds up the brightness/contrast when im editing them
almost no noise, not grainy

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oh neat
yeah mine wont do long exposure
i tried its dual stabilization mode a couple times this trip
too noisy
slash grainy
i usually use lowest fake-ISO setting
and lower shutter times
so my shit is really clear unless im totally in motion while taking images
then i just post process
low iso is meant for low shutter speeds
or maybe the opposite i forget and im sleepy
but high ISO on a digi cam gets all noisy
yeah i have to go into 'program' mode to access manual focus and shutter times
even 'manual' mode wont let you do that shit
but yeah i have to scale and crop almost all my images for docs anyway

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i almost never use it
i do manual focus at its closest range while at its lowest zoom
and just move the camera is until the target is in focus
when you zoom, it kicks back the range of focus
so you actuall get clearer closeups when the zoom is set wide and the focus is set close
so i just crop what i want
because its not like im throwing 4000x3000 images into *anything* for documentation
my macro mode is pretty good
but i just put that shit in manual and move the camera in until the focus is right
yeah mine does pretty good 720 vids
and either it has amazing AGC on the audio, or i moved my thumb over the mic at the exact right moment
it even captures decent bass signal at a show where i was afraid to take my earplugs out

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guys this gif is bad
it means korean customs has eaten my box from mom for an indefinite period of time
=( =( =(
BlackMoon: exactly

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