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fuckin hotel bar; dent think i can smoke here
handwriting recognition is working pretty good

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hey should l try and give the margarita back and get a lime one?
prob be as confused as when i try and tip them
fide that it was like $10
i guess that, not so bad
but guiness is the same price
at least it wasn't weak

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two is okay for most stuff
this margarita kinda sucks
l wouldn't mind one
in 4th the trigger input?
* is
separate trig?

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but usually theyre setup 3ch + trigger
with more limited features on ch4 and maybe 3
trigger, z on the back sometimes
z is brightness
busy sorry
my strawberry margarita just got here

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wow theyre singing under the boardwalk
haha she doesnt sound korean at all exept when saying boardwalk
siemens is prob good shit
bowed wok
agilent has a nice ui
its an upgrade feature
since most scooes are earth grounded
yeah you add and invert ch2
set levels right
4ch you maybe can pull off 2ch diff

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damn writing jezus fuck with write recognition is drama
touch ke6board is gu
sucks not huge s
oh the backspace arrow is return

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writing recognition in neat
there in a live "band"
its a chick who isn't even singing right now
and a guy with a baas and a aynth he hinge like michael Jackson
who fucked that line up
em, woah not who

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expensive bar is expensive
they know
oh ahit in didn't realize but the is live.
damn it didn't know the word muzak

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this keyboard isnt great
one of the two coils
touch them
when that tone changes thats the one
the green thing is a coil is says pri sec
see the dotted line with optos across is?
theres HV shit on there watch out =]
its a psu
a device
no prob, going for a walk

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neverending combinations
get a 22 series tek
straight analog should be like $100-200
its neat just poking links on irc with my finger
no this is the woot purchase arrived 2 hours after i got on the plane
it finally cleared customs
so $400 eee tablet for $280
but i t work at asus
welcome to manufacturing
asus is a smart company so 75% profit margin sounds right =D
*i dont

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you can set voltage level it triggers at
there is usually an auto mode that will set the range of the knob to the peak to peak voltage of the signal
also usually there is a high frequency reject so it doesnt trigger on transients and noise
you can select rising and falling edge
and usually source selection is either channel, or 60hz line
or just some internal oscillator
delay triggering is used to catch events after youre trigger events
it sweeps the X axis
and Y axis displays voltage levels
they will usually sweep simultaneously
sometimes they will alternate
which sucks for a lot of stuff
there is usually a chop mode
which displays both channels alternating at a high frequency with the trace
so you literally see both instances
Ch1and Ch2 alternate
use chop mode
these are the kind of details seperate one scope from another

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i need to figure out what asus tablet software isnt crap
timecop: asus initial boot fucked up, so i drama'd all night getting the recover image onto a 3.8GB USB with win7 install bullshit
but not i got eee tablet with no oem bloat
anything decent made in the last 40 years, yeah
okay almost got all this asus dvd software copied
about to get some cash in the nice hotel lobby
and utilize their bar for some guinnes and email report
fuck drinking before email reports
im gonna drink and email report
dude im prob gonna be gone for 20 seconds while i hop wifi nets
triggering has options
described with words and pictures
learn them

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well im prob def comingback
stop kissing ass btw i dont handle it well
well yeah
so am i
anyway im not making any sort of decision about staying long term until im home for a bit and can talk to a bunch of people
my job is in calabasas
she 'resigned'
along with her boss
trading department was axed, prob relating to my project
there is no panties fuck this she as fuck language barriered bullshit
like, jezus fuck office girl people, ITS OKAY TO LOOK AT ME
also i got weird when factory boss and vp guy startedtalking about finding me a wife
and how i already had one picked out
the magnetics vibrating
fan bearings or wires on fans
oh heat is making things expend but then something is probably about to take a shit

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touchscreen eee is pretty awesome
also handwriting recognition is okay
get an hv probe for hv tubes
also tubes are high impedance so you may be introducing error in the measurement and the circuit operation
but thats not tubes thats anything
who cares how they describe it theyre russians
they prob mean its not mechanical with wood pixels
so its maybe a diff scope
i have an old tek tube scope has 4 bnc
its one channel
diff scope with XY mode
and not really
scopes are usually earthed
and if you ground lift it the grounds on the probes will all still be common
timecop: no until tuesday
i might come back

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not nearly as common as 2 channal analog scopes
but theyre not uncommon
tech made some nice digital UI ones in the 80s
backlit in green and amber
er tek

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little tablet eee is pretty neat
the default install initial driver setup fuckedup so i had to stick recover image on a usb win7 installer
but it means i got win7 with all the drivers, but no oem bloat software fluff

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