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Eggsalad: i dont know i cannot afford the ps3

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Eggsalad: mean. and are the russian mp3 sites still even up?

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Eggsalad: cmon why you getting personal
Eggsalad: interesting method of attack
Eggsalad: good sentence, but out of context. dirty clothes are packed up. almost ready to get the fuck out
Eggsalad: probability of penis in barserver girl by the end of the week? im thinking 60%
Eggsalad: i dunno did he already get his plane to thailand? and i better change the previously mentioned probability to 100% or im pretty sure probability is closer to 0%
Eggsalad: i was never much to persue a life in the scene

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Eggsalad: man i fucked it all up i should have given my laundry to the front desk two days ago now i have to go home with dirty clothes
Eggsalad: i dunno, maybe a half dozen?
Eggsalad: cheer up mofo
Eggsalad: haha, sounding a bit like timecop, better watch it or youll have to get jumped out of the mafia of gay
Eggsalad: not that theres anything wrong with that
Eggsalad: 99 what, state a unit or your values mean nothing

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Eggsalad: i cant find the 24/7 CSI in english channel

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Eggsalad: see i knew something was wrong... let me help you!
Eggsalad: oh shit someone has been nickjacking me
Eggsalad: i used to think so but i got over it
Eggsalad: i wouldnt mind a delerious woman right now, its pretty boring stuck here dead tired
Eggsalad: gotta work on those repeated words

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Eggsalad: are you okay? because i know when you spam name lists something is wrong, so dont say you are okay because i wont believe you
Eggsalad: yeah thats a tough crowd, you should probably find a nicer girl
Eggsalad: if that line made more sense it probably wouldnt be true
Eggsalad: wise amoeba are wise
Eggsalad: no u
Eggsalad: ino!

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Eggsalad: yup
Eggsalad: yeah i dont like cornbread either. im gonna have an almond butter and blackberry jelly sandwich when i get home, you should get some
Eggsalad: yeah i dont really want to think about my sister, thanks
Eggsalad: <3
Eggsalad: no i dont <3 you like that, but i <3 you forever
Eggsalad: try again youre losin it
Eggsalad: im mostly done letting the reasonable people down
Eggsalad: trudat

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Eggsalad: thats backwards, my penis goes in someone elses bunghole
Eggsalad: sometimes, but not exclusively
Eggsalad: okay that was really really mean
Eggsalad: kentucky is an urban myth
Eggsalad: nope, even the vegans i know eat everything
ha, not evenn when its inside a shrimp
Eggsalad: ha, not even when its inside a shrimp
Eggsalad: if the plate of shrimp was just a little nice to her, probably
Eggsalad: it would explain the scent
Eggsalad: gimme ^5

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my dad used to sell expired meds to mexico
one of the reasons he cant be a pharmacist anymore
if something can live in that, its a really, really bad thing
has she said anything in the last couple years?
shell on autopilot
Eggsalad: am i ever going home
Eggsalad: naw i checked today, penis still operational

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no the toppings
large pepperoni thin crust was like $15
its prob because they didnt think it looked neat with toppings overlapping
everything was uniformly spaced, too
the coolest thing is the motorcycle delivery guy shows up with his helmet and leather face mask over his mouth and nose
is that ninja or wat
man i miss my pizza place
and friends and speakers and patio bar servergirl at dnb
its just standard pharmaceutical practice
they did it for the benjamins

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was prob stu
super nintendo sega renesis = 1000 year old stoner chan greeting
i got pizza hut reg crust instead of thin crust
fuck i almost feel sick
they brush the crust with oil here, same as at home
fuck that
its gonna be soooo awesome to have NYC crust pizza from the place by work
place is prob out of business now
i was like #1 customer
i got mushrooms with the preconfigured pepperoni pizza last weekend
they like, wouldnt overlap mushrooms and peperoni
so i got half of each

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no one seems to want my nick

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he can step?

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japanese short sword would be pretty useful
with a shotgun or a 9mm or something in the other hand
id rawk it
mushashi did a long sword and a short sword at once and no one fucked with him
short sword and a 1911 or something would be an upgrade imho
naw see youre missing the point
its all about mobility
fuckit man just mine the entryway
make a map for your loved ones

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cuts right through plastic trash cans with green water
boom stick
yeah it kind of blew me away when he tried to sell it as home defence
yeah except the guy who shoots you 3 times with a handgun while youre winding it up

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thw sword world
okay honestly that shit 3:30 in was neat
the vid should have just been that

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not even netbooks

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