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neat clock tho

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red is cheap
think im done packing

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why one?
why not 5
cray forest
wonder if you can get moss to grow on the wires

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bitches who do will hold up their smartphone like, mines better
but tru

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k all i gotta do is tag up the computers im leaving with the company name
then im done
yeah like, put the graffiti on the computers
i have silver sharpie in my little korea office somewhere

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guys how many times should i proofread my smart ass email report
not an option
naw i had to backspace out the perfect shit
Really this report was supposed to be more detailed with pictures and stuff, but whatever. I’m tired. Would probably fall asleep editing the photos and forget to hit send then miss my plane.
like, i was going to end that line with, 'You get what you pay for.'
MY said I am not like an American, I’m like something between American and Asian. I said F#$% America – I’m Californian. Which, technically speaking, is between America and Asia.
but im leaving that one

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enjoy your new hobby
the mainframe is like, a CRT

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dunno some koreans arent so small!
yeah not talking about that
like jezus fuck wtf
22 series tek
dont pay more than $150 unless its a 2230
then dont expect it to always work
dude just get a fucking scope
you can get another one later
thats not a scope thats a toy
well you dont want to spend $500
so youre not going to get something good
youre going to get something good enough
fuckit whatever
get a 2230
oh damn
Rab: other hacker loves those things
$40-$100 if they work

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and the mAH ratings are usually derived from like a way longer time period at a lower current draw
250mA should be fine for an lm317 even without a heatsink
but use a heatsink
aluminum hex standoffs work well
i would just draw 250mA
until the voltage hit your min level
Rab: going home in 10 hours!
also factory boss basically said hes going to request i come back for extended support and will put in a good word for me with the company brass

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how much current?
LM317 and one resistor makes an awesome current sink/source
resistor = 1.25V/250mA
i think its 1.25V
can use an LDO if its a low voltage cell
2ch 100mhz scope
because its 100mhz
learning to use a scope first and having a 100mhz dual channel scope is really useful
30mhz is almost useless
except for audio
but if youre going to fuck with microcontrollers its not enough
longcat: im pretty sure all the battery specs are derived from constant current sinks

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