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macegr: i still think the tradeoffs are the same, stiff and light for high end stuff, loose and heavy for low end
i think with the plastic drivers, its mostly about getting mechanical excursion without cracking the plastic
thats how the old headphones would get fucked, like the voice coil would literally pull the plastic until it bent up the surround folds then they start doing that crackling shit

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macegr: no im going to get a pair of sonys next
besides these two i have some sony monitor things
mdr7805 i think, the older style full ear studio things
voiced flatter i guess
theyre ok, they eq well without sounding fucked
but yeah canal buds sometimes have unreal bass for their size
direct injection ftw

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figures i would like the $10 skullcandy headphones better than the $35 molex headphones
the highs are clearer on the molex ones until any bass drops in, and theyre more sensitive in general
the highs on the skull candys arent that great but they dont get eaten when the bass happens, and they totally have the tiny driver/huge bass canal bud thing happening

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kevtris: on a jfet?
i thought they didnt have gate oxide, its directly connected to the doped gate silicon

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i think that was on the hdd on music i left with the tech i worked with
*of music

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so like, you add the zobel stuff and compensation stuff and the filters actually work right
green and blue (summed) traces are with the extra parts, red and poo color are without

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i need to go have some spiritual or chemical experience where the outcome is im okay with class-d
i guess
why you gotta be a hippie
okay so im sold on zobel and resonance compensation networks

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its so hard to be excited about class d shit but like almost everything is class-d now
it kills class h in terms of efficiency and i dont even like class-h
class-g is sexy but i guess its not much better than ab
all the cool active speaker shit is prob gonna be smps and class-d
already is

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it doesnt have knobs?
the scope is your display

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make sures its not in AC mode?
no but its why its reading -4.2 to 4.2

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isabella: okay make sure to take pics of doing something ossum
it should be from the trigger event to the target voltage?

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i need a coil winder
hmm this should be pretty easy to make

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okay well cheer up, neat amp pics
i need to finish rhettspeakers already

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holy shit guys i think i figured out how to make simulated speaker models
5.1 speakers for rhett
haha that i started when i worked at CV so its been like a year now
the box is done and i have plots of the response somewhere
so i have to do the crossover
and i was going to do it just simple whatever but really that never works out
for subs or full range?
i need to make a lab amp
fuck audio job now i dont have enough time to do audio projects

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Rab: at stanton they hired this english kid who built and coded a touch lcd scratch table
basically a waveform graphic would stream by
and you could grab it or drag it

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naw rab that guy said 'Most' which indeed makes that statement facty
rab there is a spinning turntable on the screen
the vinyl on the lcd is what is making the sound
Rab: almost everyone shows up with a laptop now
and this isnt like, chick spinning music at a bar
this is supposed to be like mixed music

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