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even i dont die in 1C weather

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ups says to leave a note on my front door

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Eggsalad: buddy says the pirat girls hang out at area 33
Eggsalad: yeah love is difficult

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like a grid maybe 18" apart, pretty build building, they were doing pixelated vid and stuff
lots of goofy light show stuff
DX^: heh
*big building

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oh shit i never got pics
maybe next time
macegr: so RGB stuff is installed in a bunch of places in inchon
backlighting for the harbor park hotel sign, some cane looking lawn fixture in front of some hitachi building, lighting for little overpasses
but i went to seoul to some shopping district, and there was a building had RGB on cables drapped off the side of the building

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windows console isnt
i dont like xchat
maybe i will do a vmware xp and ruin it with cygwin
what im using the webchat its fine

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fuck i have to go to moms and fix her pc
i just built that shit its telling her she has a virus
yes because inittabs thing needs to be turned on
and the cnc ubuntu is turned off
and i dont want to ruin this windows with cygwin or some shit

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fuck i need a signal generator
not usually, no
maybe i just need a better soundcard
i dont have the ops mofo

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and theyll melt if youre doing sustained work
even if you make guards of metal or plastic, the motors and the seams for the working bits are pretty open
metal machine tool stuff is made with overhang and gaps and magic to kinda keep stuff from getting into the mating bits
wood tools is like, eh fuckit
the wood dust will just mix with rainwater and machine oil and make way lube

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wood shit is made like an ak47 its open enough the wood cant like sieze shit up like metal machine tools
like the motors arent sealed and the bearings prob cheaper and more exposed
on a miter saw, im just talking anything
wrap the parts in sheets of steel or what
yours has them?
or what
and replace them
and lose some of your work envelope

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button ftw
haha awesome
no just 5 like, somewhere in between these two values
but you still gave the customer something
maybe yourself
uh maybe

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that 8b is stable
way overclocked, too
10b not so much
so much noise might as well use the 8b and save the time averaging
that sounds neat
`nico: it has an amp and/or pot divider or its 5v max or what
maybe pot is on the back
DX^: heh like printer ink
they just want you to buy another miter saw

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ya i tried to call theyre like, we have lives bitch
no not right now
not enough information
oh this is maybe a double secret prototype it is not in the current products list
what adc?

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omg you got decapitated
guys i sent an email to the ups with the website mail thing, like these are tracking numbers, leave here if im not home
do you think stuff happens or do you think they email back like a week from now like OKAY WERE ON IIT

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urmom is:

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so how fast is this?

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[14:46] <ttmustang> 5V output
i did it with two transistors, sec
how fast?

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[14:37] <ttmustang> yes, wish i had the $$ do do that, need to purchase an extended warranty for new snowmobile first, and put a tranny in the taurus
why cant you just use some transistors?

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bidir. or what?
use a bjt and a pfet
if you cant change polarity

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how are they gonna stuxnet it wikileaks doesnt know what a plc is

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that took likr 0.4s to see thats not subtle

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volvo needs new brakes
damn i gotta file police report
and pay tickets

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