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but prob be another year and a half before anything like that happens
you could totally do house parties with the current project

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nico: okay if i get raise im am blowing money on xone22
i am curious
omg no fuck that
party lost its club venue maybe 4 or 5 months ago
so they did it old skool with like remote parking lot and shuttle vans
all ages too
kid was all begging me for water its like fuck kid, go ask the bartender she wont let you die jezus fuck
hahah @ indoor porta potties that sucked
nico: i would totally throw parties to beta test company gear =D

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no actually there is see where it is like SUK
like when i see your nick i pronounce it suckee in my head
in 20 years you can prob configure a little computer grenade to run your car while eating lunch
then you just pull the pin and toss it in the engine bay
by the time you turn the key it has already exploded open and wired itself up

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suckit bitch we know youre on facebook
yeah my first pc was a 700MHz celeron and you know what? it was slow
yeah im surprised
i had a 7800
hey whatever it played all the 2600 games
i had a huge box from my bro

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suki^[tm]: your options are thermal monitoring and current monitoring
current sensing each cell would be a bitch
complete mess
but you could thermal image the banks somehow
maybe sense mats, who knows
and maybe get an idea of where or which cells were fucking up
id almost think youd want something off the shelf
like, some foam sheet with a matrix of sensors built in
dude its like hundreds to thousands of cells

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MSEE wtf battery tech
with an opportunity to move up in the exciting world of... batteries
yeah but hes testing batteries
prob at a bench

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sli3k: tilt the caps
or move the osillators away from each other
if the caps are neat each other and theyre facing each other right they can couple
yeah breadboard is like random capacitive coupling
like having 100pf caps everywhere
like, take a PCB and just drop 100pf caps all over it
thats a breadboard
i wonder if you kind of wires alternate plates in series if you could get towards a uF
wtf i missed the list of built in crap
well thats what all that shit is like
and students are almost the only market for it
hacked`: french press
blackmoon: yeah thats what i started tripping on

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no hacked`
sli3k: are you using one opamp?
like one dual opamp for both oscillators

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sli3k: neat

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donuts might work

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most of them are for insurance paperwork
so i just have to show them
but i think one ticket i got after first trip was when i didnt have insurance coverage for a few days
i dont think $50 would do it and some might just beat you

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sculptor: friday!
i took couple days off
i get to smog my car, buy it brakes, go to court

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