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fly by wire ftw
all those new planes would just fall out of the sky if the pilots had direct control
computers break and shit

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timecop: i think so
they might have them come up again
so like going through both holes
but the pic is shit i cant tell if its snipped

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i think theyre just through hole and tilted
weird they hacked in bigger caps which they also used to connect power

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i use the heat from the flame on my lighter
in korea they were just putting the heatshrink in the flame
kinda brute force heatshrinking, but ya that shit works fast and if you do it quick it doesnt burn it
no u

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i wonder if he meant thou or you
cut heatshrink

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how much is it going to shrink?
well, maybe
it needs to have a pretty er337 shrink ratio

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timecop: haha
i use a razor plade
kind of score the top, score the bottom
if its like 2mm or .1" pitch, i will sometimes poke the tip through the cable between the wires
then it pulls right off
yeah it works but when the wire is that small you cant feel when to stop
so eventually youre going to go to far with stranded core
like its pretty sad when you pull the insulation off and theres only two strands left

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whatever ive bridged shit bigger than that on dead bug proto crap

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its easy
to design =)
tin the pads stick the wires in
why you trippin
well then what goes there
those are test points
then what
those are like to mount it?
wow thats some hacker shit
why not
just put too much solder on the pads and itll just happen
but yeah cap leads will work

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fuck driving a car hooked up to a million wasps
thats a fucked up car accident

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so you blast shit with light
haha in this case you blast shit with light, then blast it with more light later for it to release some light you probably cant see

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like it splits up?
i get that
and when they drop down they release the energy the used to get up
oh so you fuckup its spin
and it shoots something back
so the plan would be to wig out tons of nucleus
and keep them that way?
and then undo it somehow
how do you control how fast they undo

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nuclear power is just steam
all we know how to do is make shit hot
translation: were really good at steam
dx^: want to go back to school
dx^: yes is the newplan
job might help
fuckem if they dont
so like the nucleus goes into orbit and the electrons balance it or what

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dx^: wtf diet
no cooling system radiator is required.
i am fat
im like 218
ha im 5'6" obviously i am in the worst shape
er 5'7"
it doesnt have capacitors and fpga
im not sure its in production

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if the turbulence it create is pretty much gone by the time it gets through the intake to the head, its useless
on a carb it could help atomization
more fuel surface area, faster burn, it makes sense but it might not add up
but yeah i really dont think factory i intake manifolds are highly engineered
most of the time i think its just a cast piece that fits and doesnt have holes
and theyre happy with it
has to have mount points
i think its like a 2% difference on some engines

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hmm yeah
and it looks like they are the factory
is the magic
thats what filters the cars psu
that didnt seem like a bad idea
gas line magnets make pretty good filters?
heh what were they advertised to do
yeah i dont think it would do that
it depends
like the shape of the intake, where the injectors are positioned

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# Contains a non-functional voltage regulator circuit
heh wat
34063, nice
um hmm
they could have done that with one comparator
and 2n2222 are a bit hardcore for like 2mA
yeah but its still wasting parts and space!
that was their fiel trip to the china factory

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im not even sure whats going on there
thats a he i wasnt sure
im glad i dont go to walmart

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yeah dont eat machine guns

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haha sex transformation is in the list of my medical benefits
i am not covered
haha who is covered?
Smoking Cessation Benefits N
damn they wont help me quit smoking
what like norwegian immigrants?
reducing population on two fronts

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its acceleration
you can either do speed over distance or speed over time
hes prob having a better day than i am

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ir ptob is off an smps
*it prob
its pretty smart
heh @ amps per farad volt
and meters per second per meter
somehow his electronics shit concerted into acceleration

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cheater99: ok also you need comparators or a uC with an adc
18:20 < cheater99> just rectifiers? :D
you needs moar stuff
the input
i dunno if were talking about the same thing anymore

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k now make a VU meter

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uh wtf
i go to the bank to close the acct im not using and transfer the money
and they did a deposit
i have to wait for my money to clear!?
blackmoon: yeah theres a 7805 SMPS in one of the datasheets
or a natsemi app note

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for the measurement or the psu?
wait what
PSRR spec is usually a pretty low freq
lope: okay that idea is just weird
like who needs batteries when you can short switches out with 47,000uF caps
'without' is a sketchy term
blackmoon: he can make some sort of circuit to measure the ripple!

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what is he rectifying if he doesnt ac couple?
some floating reference?
blackmoon: so you like LPF the input to use as the common ref for the rectifier?
oh hmm

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damn those look fragile
like alligator leads sclipped onto them would chew them up
LCRs are super useful
20mH low end
i was testing guitar pickups, they were all between half and two henries
i was like, wtf

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wtf are you guys doing
switch it to ac mode, done
oh this is smps?
small scope
but yeah, ac couple, rectify, LPF = average voltage
this is just for the ripple right?

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its just 28.3

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wtf is 44.41
fuck grams convert to oz
(((19.3 / 1000) * ((4 / 3) * Pi * (1.5^3))) / 28.3) * 1381 = 13.3145637
meh fuck court
theyre going to say TOO LATE
well my answer is like 10% more than yours
okay bbl
hey dont talk shit about oz

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macegr: i got $1.65
(((19.3 / 1000) * ((pi * (1.5^3)) / 6)) / 28.3) * 1381
oh damn you
it is diamater for that

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that cant be right
right so its even less money
its 10*10*10
(pi * (1.5^3)) / 6 = 1.76714587
that seems low
but whatever
((19.3 / 1000) * ((pi * (1.5^3)) / 6)) / 28.3 = 0.00120515602
check this out
13:15 <@renesis> you'll get .001 oz of it from a PCB
thank you.
dont trust my math trust my bullshit
fuck i gotta go to court and prob nothing will happen and prob i will own collections $1500 for having no insurance when i did

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A cubic centimetre of gold will weighs 19.3 grams
so /100
2.7g of gold
which seems right
so about 140, i guess thats not so bad
that 3mm bb is $140

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fuck the copper the inductors are prob worth more
er fuck the gold
you'll get .001 oz of it from a PCB
youll prob get like 10oz of copper from a mobo and psu
i was busy
how much gold do you think that is
(pi * (3^3)) / 6 = 14.1371669
how much weight is 14mm^3 of gold

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12:59 <@Rab> Their semiconductors are bad news though, occasionally manufacturer's seconds.
yeah some of their shit looks literally dusty
with like oxidized pins
no markings like wtf

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but we have a Fry's
which makes radioshacks inventory look pretty sad
ours is way better they been keeping it stocked
i think they figured out theyre almost the only thing local

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i was going to make a joke about that...
i figured out you just had to use the right battery
and take the led off before it got too hot
yeah resistors came later
oh bitchin you can do traffic school extensions online
yeah actually i like that
like i knew which leds would be in the bins before i got there

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now you know more than half of all radioshack employees
i said half
i had one know what flux paste was

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