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which outputs a temp voltage
guitar stuff

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at work we have a bunch of batteries we cant use, same package but diff temp sensors
in out case, some are just a ptc
so you just do a divider
other are a temp sensor ic across the battery rails

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throwt: its not always the same type of sensor
sometimes its an IC, sometimes its just a PTC

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tell them you want their youngest daughter
and pizza

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yeah dont just be showin up
Be able to demonstrate a passion and desire for IRC and maintaining effective governance of our IRC community.
hehe k they trollin

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thats like a whole other level of porno
is that made from cows?

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im pretty sure 6 is crossing the line by most standards
its probably cheap
these are tough times yo
so instead you should have your boob attached to a machine and make them drink from the machine container?

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seen it, funny shit

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i dunno its either nico or inittab
bbl fakeracing

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the alternative was mccain
so im still happy about obama
and republicans basically fucked him
well because republicans are pros at fucking people and being douchebags
and dems are in this lala fairy tail idealistic political world where people are like, trying to get along and work shit out and you know stupid shit like that
dude its palin
you know if they stopped paying attention to her, she would go away

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dx^: hes a politician
good politicians dont get shit done
and bad politicians are bad
right when cutting deficit is the goal and the reason

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dx^: i stopped smoking cigs like yesterday, i think i am going crazy
also i dont want to do laundry
hmm i have some gum somewhere probably

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50 cents?
laundry is like $5-15/weekend
throwt: most people complain about how you can only add a minimum balance
just say fuck
feck sounds too much like fecal

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The team cooled fermionic lithium-6 to less than 150 billionths of one Kelvin above absolute zero using infrared laser cooling.
laser cooling wat
reading already
because in the wiki the word 'laser cooling' is actually a link
id do her
when i went to the laser cooling page it turned back to that founder douchebag
i would not do him

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srsly guys, stfu
flooding the whole channel and shit
dont get loud
guys why is wikipedia showing me mugshots of all their brass
ya =(

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is that a guitar?

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