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chopsticks, yo
you cant always use them at the same time
we have some at work like that its so you can switch
when it happen
oh 3:25

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kind of just looks like a rack of reels
he just leaves it on all the time
damn he got three metcals

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big pic is too big
this is a nice cable rack
nice crane

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man i dont want to do laundry
doesnt really make sense i guess

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timecop: fuckin awesome

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surely there are check boxes and dropdown menus involved
dont get it

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hey thats pretty neat
way better than looking into a microscope to do work
so put that shit so it is in front of you or i dunno
ok yeah that could hurt my brain at least at first

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its just takes $100 to defeat hdmi?
k that sounds much more like irl stuff
i got all these gift cards from work today
they should have gotten me someone to do my laundry and dishes and go away

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put that in your music stream playback software
then when you like it go to #dnbradio and be like !rate 10000
and the bot will be like, bitch, so do like !rate 10
omfg i gave you like a decades worth of stuff to do right now
itunes prob figured out a way to make you pay for a free radio stream
shotgun to the forehead
one to the hip if you need it to stop following you
naw if its mobile when you set it on fire than can be really, really bad

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ac-130u: prob change a timing cap

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