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i know this guy
he gets excited
heh orange?
vishay does their polypropylene in orange

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i know moon is right about using huge resistors in feedback loops
zeners are just shitty
why fuck up this active zener by putting a real zener
itll be close

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yeah weird if if thats bias current why does it give you a range in the abs max section
fuckin active zeners
i guess this is just when the protection diodes are on
never trust above 100K unless you can justify it
i dunno its like an active zener
its still a crappy shunt reg

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i guess that works

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thats why i <3 electronics, it made math real
right complicated equations are just a lot of simple ones mixed up
for a vref?
for what?
oh just for a clamp
why 1M

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blackmoon: hi
lope: u
also hi
ratio of the tested resistor vs the total resistance times input voltage
like, i said that shit in a class once and like 5 people went OOOOOOH
the teacher is like, putting the equation up on the board with random numbers going like BECAUSE THIS IS THE EQUATION!
i dont memorize it you look at the circuit and it makes sense
or yeah do current because its all the same in series, thats how i always work out dividers for Vbe multipliers

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