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macegr: they will conquer you

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haha wat

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well hit the caps lock and ^a ^b that shit
i guess thats a good reason
were just looking out for him
damn im being msg'd
you are corny

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i thiink he is just being like wow this is high
want me to ban him?
quarks is longcat?
i was going to ban quarks
nico is all trying to start shit

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unless you hang the thermostat in the middle of the room who cares its not like the temp on the thermostat means much in an amsbolute +/- 0.5F sense
haha then the room with the heat outlets will be like 10F high
and when that heat spreads, the a/c will kick in
until the rooms are like 10F low
bustin out the industry terms

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you just have to walk up to this thing like twice a year
whatever i think my solution is best
its prob only like 40K in climate control gear
whole house, 1 temp.
heaters and ac cycling multiple times per second
have multiple zones per room
this is like, what some comparators and to92 temp sensors and maybe an 8b uc?
blackmoon: no we can defeat this with more engineering!
we can do some 3d thermal image shit
and put vectoring nozzles on the blowers
some RC servos to push them around

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its prob more of a diff from one side of the room to the other anyway
look what you need is like a few space heaters per room
and some of those remote compressor a/c units
that are small and mount on walls
maybe 2 per room
and then you wire them all up to have one set temp
but you have the heat sense happen in each room
should be an average of multiple sensors in each room
seriously this is way easier if you just click it to cool in the summer and heat in the winter

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right the solution is a gap between the heat and a/c set temps
to keep the fuckin heater from switchin on in the summer
might as well be 0F
youre nuts

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i think he wants more
or else i dont get why hes trippin
like, you want your heater and a/c motorboating?
you either have sense delay, or youre measuring at the output of the system
and not an average of the area
like the output of the heater will be to hot but the rest of the house wont even be warm yet

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naw 2200uF is prob a few $
even good shit
oh hahaha
wtf gets that big non electrolytic
ya nm misunderstood
i didnt even know they got that big
put 220 10uF MLC in parallel
hella low ESR
might be a bit inductive =\

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what any good tech would do
throw more caps at it
then its prob something flippin out the vreg
is the reg loaded down?
if its just the uC it might be under the min load of the vreg
at 120hz, normal
1000uF should be fine or your shit is pussy

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just a little bit

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