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diodes can cause noise but its prob not that
maybe standby

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unscrewing and replacing = awesome fixes
did you test them in circuit?
you know tyhis doesnt always work right
i have a story about that but its long, summarized it goes, that guy was an idiot
diode tester is usually a current source and a volt meter
so sometimes in circuit, you will be filling up a big capacitor
or measuring some other anti-parallel diode in the circuit

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you need like a 470pf in there
you dont have a scope?

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depeche mode, digital underground, dixie chicks, dr dre
i mean a schematic

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heheh, ce ce penniston - finally
aaaw jeah @ random 90s flac directory
its better than bz2
bz2 did better than everything else
most people dont care about their music so they lossy encode the fuck out of it
btw youre the one posts like 2GB images because you dont want to save in a lossy state
damn mfkr
you trolled me into listening to ce ce peniston for like 60 seconds
maybe but put it anyway
not enough information
post pic of circuit or gtfo
or something

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like the the old people diapers
but music with good bass you can drop out most of the mids and all the highs still nice to have in the background
and you can talk or whatever

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eq can correct issues with your speakers which prob arent really that flat to begin with
eq can correct source material that wasnt produced with your system or any system in mind
but yeah it sucks to not have access to a flat amp
i threatened my amp in the lab with bypassing its guitar dsp and wiring the 1/4" straight to the chipamp with a 1M pot input resistor
eq can make your system sound like a club bathroom
all bass and hint of mids and highs

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yeah i kind of want to figure out how to do a burst signal gen
i prob just do a wav with ltspice
yeah but what does it sound like
that shit is distorty as fuck

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wow eddie vedder is kinda annoying on speakers with decent high end response

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haha i didnt have id
we drove 3000mi to go to a drum n bass show at a bar and i didnt have id
naw hot tubs can be pretty neat
most bad shit dies in water that hot
so is every chair youve ever sat in
fuck yeah
i can hear bonhams squeeky kick pedal in since ive been loving you
pretty neat tweeter for $17, comes with its own little enclosure

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oh you dont mean like individual sperms
i dunno, soak in your filth
i like it to sit in while i take a shower when im being extra lazy
i live in an apartment
and haha i took a nap in a hotel in nyc
my friends bust in the are like DID YOU DROWN and they says i says get out im taking a nap
er took a nap in a shower tub in nyc
that was when we went to konkrete jungle and the bar server girl fed me amstel lights because that was the least shitty thing they had
like she was from the valley and new valley places

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wtf @ 94 remaster zeppelin i
shiftbrites underwater with translucent silicone potting, neat, do it
if you mean real ones you are fucking mad
tho do you have them in the bay area?
they have them in puget sound you can see them swimming around like 10ft down its like, what
those arent like jellyfish

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no i dont remember that so much
theyve had that 2x shit at least since i was a kid
i need laundry detergent
do you use the oxiclean
its like powdered hydrogen peroxide
my shit is probably slowly dissolving but its so clean
naw prob like a tablespoon

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im like, wtf why would you want to roll off your low end sharper (because extra spl)
no drugs
well you guys drink dont you
you are more of a danger to yourselves and society than i am
yo if you are boiling the solder you gotta turn your fucking iron down wtf
hes just saying naturally
some particles escape!

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and its clipping like 6 to 10dB early
no i mean the lowend
they never let the amps pump into the sub full range
they electronically high pass it, and theyll align the filters with high Q to get a bump before rolloff
to get a few Hz lower, acoustically (easy to test accurate nearfield)
my speakers sound pretty thrashy
so its weird when i have something clear
i enjot good music on anything
but yeah this little 6" sealed woofer thing is pretty neat
it doesnt have a lot of bass, but you can hear it pretty low
sealed boxes rolloff sharper, like 4 poles vs 2 for sealed

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i hate back porting
like gee im supposed to put this in the middle of my room or what
its half the speaker output at resonance
so half of it is port noise usually =(
dude they go nuts tuning those subs
i did rework where i made active filters out of nowhere to match goofy sub amp freq response
so yeah you could test for clipping at say 100hz
and it would be fine
but you test it at like 40hz or wherever they decided to suicide boost the roloff

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krk usually doesnt do well in side by side testing
is it clipping tho?
sensitivity on home audio shit can be anything, basically if the marketing guy says he needs more knob he gets more knob
oh neat your knob is useful
yeah cost doesnt have a lot to do with it
subs are active
so you dont have the passive xover drama, and opamps are cheap, so its pretty much tuning and design more than material costs
sparkeatr: honestly, i wouldnt
sparkeatr: whenever we brought classic krk shit out of the warehouse, the tired old subs sounded soooo much better than the current china series stuff
made in huntington beach ftw

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those are obsolete, but i liked them a lot better
i had a pair of the 5s and a krk s8 sub in my little office cave
those have the egg shaped plastic front face
so they look more like...
naw the sub was awesome
i had the cerwin vega guys walking into my office like CAN YOU TURN THE BASS DOWN
their 21" shit had nothing on my little krk 8" sub i stole from the warehouse
rokits have shitty limiter performance
but yeah you can actually hear the production
like you are hearing the mixers and processing gear involved
mp3 and web shit is like, diffused

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so this hivi tn28 external mount tweeter is pretty good i guess
i cant listen to a lot of mp3 and it makes a lot of web shit sound crap
but familiar shit in FLAC is like, woah i never heard that shit back there before
sucks how decent speakers will make most of your source material sounds shit =(
imagine if you had good monitors
i worked there =)
theyre not horrible
do you have the older ones with the radius corners?
or the new ones with the vxt egg plastic for a front face
yeah sec

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its not a resistor the cable basically is a resistor
but yeah modern shit is some conductive plastic shit
macegr: fill a bowl with gas and fire lasers at it and get it to ignite
and ill think about it
thats how you shift it into reverse

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okay look voltron and LEDs and stainless steel are squeegee
and brass and cowboys and mrtubes truck is priesty
things are either squeegee or priesty
spark plug wire is def squeegee
thats priesty as fuck
this view of the world was developed by friends on lsd like 12 years ago
they could have at least insulated it with wax or tar

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and coat hangars?
thats not squeegee

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i know =(

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oh, finishing up a passive speaker design i lagged on forever
man fuck passive xovers
the A?
wait you are working on a model a for work?
fuck drums
are you getting paid?

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mxwksanta: youll hate it
sparkeatr: ^
little fans are loud and they fuckup, a good one is $$$ and it looks like you dont want to spend $$$
also where are you going to put that shit
those are prob exhaust ports to route air
they might just be styling decisions tho, heh
ive never had issues with either of mine
i think there is something aluminum with like radiator fins and pipes involved
in one of mine
thats the selling point
why dont you just velcro it to the outside
theres really that much space

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is it for something permanent
you can prob buy a little sheet of it
just cut it to whatever size you need

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oh i read friday
then read all the lines after that
thinking it wasw sculptor im like, thats not a normal sculptor friday

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digikey or mouser
every says eisooos
rab: morning
i have to go werq
for wat

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rab: lies
i put arctic silver on a chipamp once
it says its non conductive, it dripped down onto the pins while i was sleeping
fucking made the shit oscillate, i was freaking out i thought we were being bombed or some shit i went and woke my mom up like WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE
then i realized but when i went to turn it off it shorted some power pins and made them not exist
good shit
but yeah that shit was conductive enough to short 35V to ground
no, non conductive arctic silver
theres a few diff grades
i think the best ones are like .3C/W

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