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but what about the high
the cable?
what like freebase the insulation
hey dont call me a nigger

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you can totally fuck the dog up with right clicks

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danielson: almost all cnc use ball screws
not that much backlash

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im not even trying to be that close to a lathe
haha i survived machine school with dreads down to my ass
yeah i dont think that one is real

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they are likely all taken with like 3 or 4 dudes on deck
to rule the fucking universe with
3 heads would be pretty sweet
noooo =(
EM holder is not to put the penis inside

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cant they just make the kernel bitch to dmesg about it
hey how do i code for that shit
i just like, read about their functions in some doc and throw shit at the driver or what
hmm sounds too easy

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i think avrstudio installs it
itll upgrade the firmware too if its old
well get fucked then
i dont know

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dot dot dot

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avrstudio is pretty much all about the umulator and integration with the stkwhatever and dongle stuff

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sam7 or what
ya but that shit is cheap
how cheap is this
okay thats like 2x
okay investigate and make report back

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headphones got no bass
not bass you can feel
naw not bass you feel everywhere
you can hear it all but its not from everywhere
how much you got saved
hes in IT yo
theyre allowed
gotta test latency and uptime somehow

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just use leds
they been replacing our lamps with like 40 led arrays
kind of neutral white, its pretty nice
i have to move my cube stuff to our new area
inittab: lab took over IT
we had to replace all the lights and i took down the cubicle walls
my shit was like walking into a tomb wtf
we totally had it setup so other noisy guy is in original lab
so we could both have our music up
but someone didnt want to move into newplace so were prob gonna both be in new smaller area
well i gotta move around a ton
and also hear other shit

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blackmoon: heh
class-d mfkr
fuck i should be doing laundry
and dishes

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haha ive done like half a c program in avrstudio
its annoying
also some of the functions really pissed me off
also its interrupt handling gets on my nerves

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like that shit will prob go for like $220 shipped, it just needs cables resoldered, maybe new cables, maybe new PCB
damn wrong channel
no avrstudio rawks
i was talking about it in #cars
and what kind of production
haha what
good job
are you running your trolls again or are you still the out bitch

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youre not a scientist
not even!
guys im getting sick of hayward i want to go back to korea
fucking container, trying to fuckup NAMM for me

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oh shit barefoot is in san francisco
must see their shop next hayward trip
stfu troll, were on to you
you meantioned 'wife' in a science chan
sounds like trolling
tc trolls #chemistry?

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guys i want
-3 dB @ 30 Hz
Q = 0.707
Slope: 12 dB/octave
^ means butterworth aligned sealed enclosure
max flat bass rolloff at 30hz, must hear
(fuck ports btw)

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fuckin mcmaster the one time i want them to have like a 5pack of screws they only have 100 bags

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yeah thats lame
i think im okay with the one that makes you buy car insurance

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its freeze spray without the tube inside
(to turn freeze spray into compressed air or vice versa, turn upside down)
haha wtf @ driving on inhalents!?
its typically suggested to not stand up whyile doing no2, because most injuries are from falling and hitting your head
i can smell it\
welcome to society
its also why your car doesnt randomly fall apart
why your water is somewhat clean
why your house prob wont fall down

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okay tiem for work

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you want a parport connector you dont wanna be wiring that mess =\

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11:17 <@inittab> or do you just create most of your parts
i create *all* of my parts
lots of eagle parts are user contrib
my guess is diptrace is too, and freepcb definitely
it kind of is, but thats what pcb design is about
well for dips itll be fine
for the connectors, if you dont make your own, check the existing part for dimension
isnt it free?
i never paid for it
anyway it doesnt matter
just use land patterns from semiconductor sites and datasheets
phillips and fairchild and prob most companies have a page with PDF of typical land patterns
but for connectors, youre always on your own
except for maybe pinheaders without box housings
oh you want to wire in or what
are you sure

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maybe width, check mechanical drawings

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