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03:55 <@macegr> anyway, i didn't remember the password from march, probably because they have some weird requirements and i had to go outside my normal formula
theres a way to skip it

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Extensive electric screening of bees by a Faraday cage reduces general activity and results in pathological loading of the rectum.
bees do not like faraday cages =\
If the ion concentration of the air is high, peak discharge currents of about 10 x 108 A may occur at the antenna; these are sufficiently high to produce physiological excitement.
wtf amps?
maybe 10*10^-8
maybe they mean electrons

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(a) Static potentials can be measured only from the antennae; elsewhere on the body there is an effect analogous to the discharge of a condenser.
(b) A bee is able to change the polarity of an antenna, completely or partly, in less than a second. The change usually occurs just before take-off, suggesting perhaps that this change of polarity has some function in orientation...
(c) The bee is insulated electrically from any underlying surface by the claw of its tarsi, but it can make electric contact with the surface by means of the electrolyte secreted from the arolium. According to the sign and magnitude of the potential of the underlying surface, the bee then becomes either charged or discharged.
bees = pimp
Bees in a strong electric field became aggressive, stinging each other to death; communication was disturbed. At still higher fields, the bees tore out the brood from the cells, and no new brood was produced. The bees left their hive if they could,...
like a bee horror movie

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woah @ haarp patent excerpts

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There could also be another factor HAARP is also able to stimulate the ionosphere to trigger faint optical emissions at specific wavelengths to produce artificial airglow at high altitude. Initially these tests involved producing this airglow bubble above HAARP but they discovered with testing that they could direct the airglow to follow the magnetic lines of the Earth.7

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hmm my electric bill is like YOU ALREADY PAID!
but i dont believe
fuckin hackers, payin my electric bill

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'kind on wood'

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what was wrong with the internet

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nico: they killed like 3000 at once
i dont think they get huge flocks all the time
dublin / pleasanton / livermore
wtf your city names are all english

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naw im good for a couple more weeks
this chick
prochoice poster girl

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girl is hardcore
do you want her having a kid?
not right now at least
palm springs, aaaaaaw jeeeah
dont you have children?
i think youre obligated
should i but more cigs
or deal with fiending all night
and buy them later anyway

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_unreal_: wat
use grommers itll look neat

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oh wow that tiny pulse is 50v?
230VAC is like 325.318246
peak, so that looks right
okay so do like zener clamps and resistor so the dont burn out and put a cap so that resistor is like a lpf way above pulse speed
voltage divide it with even way bigger resistors down to the avr, clamp with more zeners
i think it blends
how do you normally get that signal off?
you could add an optocoupler

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22:47 <@macegr> i don't have his *cough* focus methods
yes well i dont have the time anymore
haha @ the pulse
you diode clamp it through like 10K or 100K or something
and slap like 22pF on it

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blackmoon: hehehahahahahaha

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if you want to use just the int, set for falling edge, then i would prob put an rc filter on the input
macegr: can i hijack arduino hardware if i want to
like is it easy to blow away their firmware and load whatever i want
like is the header there, is the fuses to flip, how bad is this thing
maybe i should just ask the ceramics students
yeah prob not since theyre not students anymore

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no this is his board
i dunno how your code works so i dunno if int is fine

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macegr: heh
ttmustang: no its not bad but you prob have other int stuff going on
and to do it right in an int you prob want to do all sorts of timing bullshit anyway, like disabling and renabling that int, just so it doesnt choke out your code if the switch gets scratchy or some bullshit
timers doing what

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you draw everything so wrong =(
make ground point down
typically supply stuff points up or down depending on polarity
tho i seen to the side in alot of stuff just uses arrows
thats fine
and better than using internal pullup
youre going to use an interrupt?
you can just scan it
tons of ways to read a switch
like, make sure its high for a set number of cycles to make sure it isnt a transient
ignore it for a bit, watch for it to go low, ignore it for a bit

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or psu dropout
no cmon moon has it on native res because hes moon
i think it is a random defect that is expressing itself because the design is poor and doesnt not take into account all possibilities of random defects and compensate when necessary
uhoh, doesnt not

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