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i slipped on some non slip mat in the warehouse
right next to the big bazooka torch heater thing
its like this 1ft diamater 3ft long tube with a propane burner and a fan
so naturally i was standing as soon as i hit the floor
thats one badass heater tho

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wtf fire
okay explain this shit i was gone
yeah i was working or some shit =\
haha what
who was drunk
everyclear in cali is only 151
way to put water on your fire
its not 180 here unless you brought it from someplace else
and i think everclear is 190
you you made a pool of various chemicals?
how much of his house was on fire

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nico: hihi
maybe in hayward again next week
theyre not saying much tho
distro warehouse is there
nico: it was so rainy it didn't smell like anything

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suki^[tm]: say religion again and youre bant
blackmoon: hi
nico: hi
ac-130u: hi
kevtris: hi
dioxide: u
dioxide: norly hi

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no u r
heh @ vid
i dunno what snow is
i saw some on the mountains last week so i assume that whole day was rly a dream

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