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moon does that like whatever
he moves his machine tools like theyre furniture

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they are lifting the whole machine?
by the headstock?
kevtris: socket head cap screw
blackmoon: i think mine actually uses two screws per side, heh
and its only 80 lbs!
my mill you could maybe get away with it
thats prob like 3x the weight of mine tho =\
i thought you meant like head to the ways
i think mine is like, eclips =\
think some set screws
my screw isnt supported at the bottom!

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link works fine in firefox
gpf_1: hey thats kinda neat

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sculptor: have seen it, pretty nuts

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no what program did you use to make the pcb and generate the 3d plot
some pretty neat layout work

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you need to sprinkle crack dust on it
talking to tomat
what EDA app is that

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