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thats fuckin weird!
okay laundry is done sleep naow

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i <3 those

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go to a swap meet and see what they are cutting stickers with
last loads are drying

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do steel, too, just take it forever and you do it wrong itll scream
buy dual shaft steppers
and put wheels on them

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if it had a real spindle it could flatten its own table
if this thing tried it prob wear itself slightly off before it was done
but yeah i wouldnt expect it to be consistent over time
prob be a few grand
before tooling
well no for $3k you could be pretty tooled up
yeah but itll do aluminum and plastic too
and last a decade or two

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and yeah i wouldnt trust something like that to drill
and drilling PCB is pretty much what makes CNC awesome

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looks pretty okay
but yeah i doubt it lasts a year
small enough you can roll your own drivers, not a big deal
speed and feeds yo
jezus fuck what kind of hot glue is that
macegr: but its sub $100 and looks like maybe a couple weekends
the first image is badass you cant really tell its all hot glue

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maybe like $1300 here
to $1500
but i bet in parts of west LA its like that, 2k for 2 beds
in some of the gated communities in the valley its like that
you and 100K other techies
welcome to being like everyone else
because its the midwest
i asked in texas panhandle how much a 1 bedroom was theyre like, oh i dunno maybe $300?
timecop: paste
yeah im not looking
oh macas is the last 5%?
man its hard to live without cheese
so mostly i dont

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and living with random people sucks
haha, handsy
its random until youre living with someone for awhile
then usually you will have to deal with the persons people
which can be cool or fucked
i thought you wanted a tech?
this is for the other room?
how much are you charging this guy?
man fuck the bay area
wait what
thats not bad for two rooms

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i wouldnt mind a lathe
i have no place to put this shit
dude if you have a garage or a carport, you have space
i have my cnc in whats supposed to be the dining area
and a poor excuse for a lab in my living room area
god that sounds shitty
well living with friends can be fucked

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was like towards $20k and i was like damn not bad
and thats like aluminum as thick as the plywood people are building gantry CNC from
you prob want to look into anti-backlash stuff
and maybe price some linear rails and bearings
most likely the hardware
if you buy it
shit like motor couplers, headstock assemblies, bearings for the rails, motor drivers
etc etc
i mean a lot of this stuff you can prob figure out how to do cheaper
avrfreak isnt a better machinist than me
hes a better machine builder
dont forget that
god that was retarded

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and yeah ive been using the same machine for years
without being particularly careful about maintenance, and it performs pretty much the same when i tune the machine
like, tighten up the gibs and backlash nut
prob easily lasts 10 years, and i dont really doubt claims people have been running them for 20
and i can prob sell the thing turnkey for more than $2k
i dont think any of the diy stuff will last years even if it can approach the same precision
it is
machine tool building aint no bullshit
i saw a gantry mill at NAMM, aluminum body, maybe 18x24", quick change spindle, with autochanger in dev

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if you want to route wood and plastic, do a gantry mill
if you want to cut pcb and aluminum at close to .001" with a tuned machine, buy a micromill
well yeah if its just for pcb and you keep your space/trace pretty coarse, gantry mill will maybe be okay
its not loaded at all
on my mill getting .008 space/trace isnt trivial
ive done it a bunch with pretty good results, but .012 drc makes it a lot easier
i can do .016 like whatever
but you have to factor in backlash, spindle runout, cutter profile, work table and fixture flatness

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dont expect it to be .001" accurate and dont expect it to cut with much power
but youll prob have a bigger X/Y envelope than a comparably priced micromill

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i can think of two reasons why so far
im done thinking of reasons why farting would make me hungry
so like i was supposed to start doing laundry 30min ago
didnt happen
yeah that or you just smelled something that reminded you of something tasty you had earlier
i didnt think of that
really you can make that work for anything so kind not even worth thinking about
dual influence fart experience

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ha theyre covering dnb tracks
hmm i think the main breakbeat might still be the dj

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besides in my netbooks?
what kind of musics
that sucks
thats neat
they got like real people doing the dnb
couple people i know say it aint so great
strong bad is house

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no fool
it just means its smaller than .005"

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i didnt paste the first half about a chinese virgin guy marrying his virgin wife and theyre lying there about to fuck
macegr: i think youve pasted this before
and fuck the audio is horrible makes my tweeter sound blown
i dunno when that is
neat @ the breakout
jezus fuck $20
i think the dongle is cheaper on newegg =\
oh its not 232
well then, awesome

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He tries to sound experienced, which he hopes will impress her.
'My darring,' he whispers, 'I know dis you firss time and you berry flighten. I promise you, I give you anyting you want, I do anyting - You juss ask. Whatchu want?'
A thoughtful silence follows and he waits patiently for her request.
She eventually whispers back, 'I want to try something I have hear about from odda girls it ah . . . . . Numbaa 69..'
In a puzzled tone he replies: 'You want . . .
Garlic Chicken wif Snow Peas?'
im always amazed when servers at asian places will know the whole menu by numbers
youve never gone someplace and the menu items are numbered like into the hundreds
and you ask for stuff and they will be like OH NUMBER 55
or you say a number and theyre like OH THIS WITH THAT MEAT
yeah so thats what the bad joke is about

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everything would be easy if you only had to use one CAD/CAM app
fucking every app has different click/drag conventions =\
like you go back to an app after using two or three other for awhile, doesnt matter how proficient you are with the app, you look like a retard for a few minutes trying to remember how to do the most basic shit
because he uses solidedge and solidworks
which is radically different than traditional cad, and pretty fucking awesome

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i rawk at writing
i like autocad but its annoying to relearn when you havent used it in awhile

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and im about to hit up temp-boss/vp like, yo i need secondary tasks for the dead time in between the madness
shes smart in ways youll never get
like she prob sees a lot of things like, what they mean, while you prob see what was meant to be seen
im pretty impressed with that shit
my brain just isnt like that, my lowest standardized tests scores are literature interpretation and shit

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my friend is all unemployed right
but he has an ME wife so hes doing ok
but he has enough time to like do electronics all the time
we expanded the lab and now they need to hire more techs
so i saw my job description on the company website jobs page and im like
i want to do that job =(
hahaha i thought about emailing HR like, hey how do I apply for this position?
dude you dont get it
it is my position =( =( =(
i re-read my self apraisal stuff a few times, to make sure i didnt sound like too much of an upset asshole
so maybe i get a raise and i get to work on some other projects

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were fucking our company up by our damn selves
no investors, no parent company, no stockholders
its not but it makes cool charts
dx^: i think so
we pwn several sections of the market
i need to fix0r my webspace

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meanwhile, the other guitars at the factory are like, 2 or 3 giant pots, like 5 wires and a jack
oh yeah and one capacitor
oh neat
i can prob hem my pants with that
like with words or your cock
well right you got a BSME to not do work
and then

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dude seriously...
why because it plays well, has the flattest fretboard with a 2 octave scale?
and our internal schematic is madness
like, prob 10 channels of codecs, guitar amp preamplifier, piezo buffer amps for each string, dual core dsp and associated mem, eeprom, power supplies, enough to drive two RGB leds, couple pushbutton encoders, one dual gang and one triple gang pot, a relay so when the shit powers down or bricks, it still works like a guitar
i prob still couldnt do the routing from the magnetic pickup guitar and the dsp analog output through the relay and the volume pot
from memory, and i mean the circuit not the routing

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i wouldnt mind a sewing machine
an industrial one would be straight pimp, but even a normal one would be pretty cool
hem my own pants and shit
dx^: ya srs
its the truth but it hasnt moved in prob like 4 months
a $62 island?
sewing machine
unless you want to do it to guys
ya thats the exception
but yeah something that could do heavy canvas, neopreme, thick tarp, would be the shit
techsmurf: the machine isnt the problem, lack of time and general laziness is
hey but at least i know a fuckton about guitars now
maybe one day ill learn to play

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eggsalad: will guitar project ever end
eggsalad: should i cancel my dentist appointment or delay business trip for two days
missile guidance component
except when they made that law you prob couldnt buy the tech for under $100 an IC
oh hahaha its still like $100/ea, nice

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