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yeah the whole hot glue thing is kind of weak
yeah but it smells like death

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wtf why dont you have calipers

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old rage is old

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techsmurf: yeah but itd prob be fucked up expensive
well, itd be better i dont think itd be worthwhile
really i wouldnt see that as anything except kinda a intro to cnc
i dont think itll produce much work

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techsmurf: everything, over time
nico: i think he means like a material removal operation
tho abrasive water jet would work awesome

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00:27 < timecop> ya i got a sander bit a while ago gonna try it instead of jerking off with a file when i need to clean stuff up
nothing is more awesome than files
you just need the right one
rotary sanders are fucked for finish work
they tend to want to run in the direction they are spinning
until it eats too far
get a real deburring tool or a good knife
anyway itll usually look hackish and uneven compared to a wide file or belt sander
or disc sander

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wtf batter?
yours look different than the one in the diagrams
end the dog

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you just lower the rack to disengage some sort of spindle coupler, and rotate and raise up again
so #1 task is rip the shell off the headstock and see what you can mount on

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thats kinda wtf
haha the z will rotate at 2 revs/s
so it doesnt really have a spindle?
you can mount something to it
wtf open loop pulse motor
it might be a piece of shit loaded down anyway
i dont think it does
i think that shaft rotates and the whole assembly moves up and down on its ways
wait so the z is on the shaft?
actually rab that works
if the shaft is the z

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nico: i raged when they indluded an installer for gentoo
thats how long ago
actually, i raged when they dropped bash and a full set of linux tools on the live cd and did busybox instead
oh you bought that shit?
fuck yeah
you need to go buy some inspection shit
and see whats up with that machine
hey how fast can that thing rapid?
its not meant to be loaded

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saw it
23:16 < `nico> RMS is a ps3 hackr or some ps3 hackr is a wannabee RMS?
you got up to there
and rms is annoying his initials are one letter off from mine
i do not want to be this close
i wouldnt call myself a hacker at lunix
no i was mostly done using lunix by then
aside from ubuntu for the cnc

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"We monitor many frequencies. We listen always. Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us. It played us a mighty dub. Call .em Winter Mute."
fuck yeah.

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