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why dont you use screws

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TSA went through my checked bags and put everything back how they found it
secret = rubber bands instead of tape
when 3/4 of it is rework supplies, parts, and tools
and two 936 stations
snorkel, corkscrew, and an avacado
also my duffel is patched with duct tape
rab knows
that baldwin is all goddy
like, fuck you youre no irl stoners
ur a stoner
chappelle is totally a stoner

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stupid engineers
hey rubber bands rawk

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for less
thats a shitty idea
like you want to market it
not sell your robot
timecop: i just bought an intel board with parport
no i didnt
i bought one with a header
and bought a parport card with a dongle that i used
meh want a bowl

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use a microcontroller and pwm into some opamps driver darlington bridges
thats how they did it in that dj controller madness i worked on at stanton
god that thing was retarded
macegr: youre going to bypass the control hardware or what?
c is ram retarded
atom mobo is like $90?
mine beats everything on linux cnc as far as latency

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back emf is an analog concept
so theres no hope for you
maybe later need to crash out
timecop: this is for that gyro ic?
ha fun
if you can melt a xenon tube with it, its weak
cant cant cant
i rabbed
solar powered heater!

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someone op me so i can ban pitz for being the first thing i saw when i attached screen
nico: macegr: in the bay area
gas tube?
they have them
meh click
oh yeah dentist says i should get my wisdom teeth removed
=O =O =O
he says no hurry
nico: ya will do

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it sucks through it
its porous
for best results you would block all the area around the work
or just put sheets of something over the spoilboard around the work
either works

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the spoilboards, kinda diffuses the vacuum
the table would have a ton of holes
prob holes with little channels connecting them

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they maybe have specs for how much vacuum is needed per square area and thickness
most pro router setups are vacuum tables with spoil boards on top
and you just throw your work on
and mill into the spoil board, maybe .01" to .05" deep
less if the work and your tools will cut clean enough
then whenever the spoil board is all messy with toolpaths, you just flycut it flat again
oh its like light density particle stuff

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vacuum table
there isnt, really
you have to stop the cycle to install/remove them
or live fixtures
but i think that is a bit involved, heh
shop vac is prob enough for something that size
i would maybe have some sort of vacuum triggered valve tho
to keep the shop vac from overheating
or something manual
or just get real vacuum pumps but i think about that size for a machine as big as yours should be okay\
270ozin steppers arent going to be able to load the vacuum fixed parts that much
google spoil boards

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i have to do laundry pack go dentist go plane
i guess i should start
i prob wont get any they prob just do teeth cleaning then xrays then tell me the bad news
then tell me go home
guys they dont care about metal that small
i have metal rings in my ears that i need tools to take out, theyve never set off a metal detector

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blackmoon: that doesnt sound like bad sex just sounds like odd sex
and when they do that rubbing on you with your penis inside thing right it can be super awesome
haha she bent your wang

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a little teeth can be cool
yeah bj shouldnt be painful =\

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