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my eee tablet runs win7
its not a totally horrible experience

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well yeah theyre trying to make money not get into your pants
did you do 11A or 100A?

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yeah im like wat

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you dont even need to pay us!
just pay for our shit!
im leaning towards y
hahah @ diptrace rotate

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elliot sound had an article with the equiv circuit, and a spreadsheet i picked apart to find relevant parameters
which i did my own spreadsheet with which i plugged into an ltspice netlist and symbol
fuck what have i been using
doublecad xt
theres a free thing, its like autocad but shittier
sometimes i just use eagle
because im fast with it
just steal autocad
but its typical cad youll want it to burn while learning the ui
i use solidworks

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fuck yeah
i made a speaker model for ltspice

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