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when they say bumped back plate theyre not fucking around
because the gap is 8mm

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straight from the tang band datasheet

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they sit on a shelf and look really cool
eventually they will be triamp guinea pigs and i will blow up the $3 tweeters and have to replace them with good ones

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same fs and Qes spec, $250 cheaper, 300W less power handling
but thats thermal i wouldnt put an amp that big anyway
says the morel is 2dB more sensitive
under-spider venting, vented pole piece
= voice coil with suck up bits of random and maybe die
looks cooler than the mesh vent screens, shrug
i need to buy tubes to tune the woofers

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all you have to do is sort by descending price and click
Accucenter™ self-centering cone assembly
wat ^
i saw those in stanton stuff i think
kind of neat, saves space
Rab: no idea but i think it has two spiders, inverted
and 21Hz fs
and low qes so supposedly its good for sealed
one of the original speaker gurus invented a fs/Qes ratio and under 50 means sealed sub = awesome
but lets see what poontank has
oh shit i still need to buy tubes for clearspeakers poontangs

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note features and specs have different freq response listed
u r uk
i want to find a woofer with a ridiculously low fs and build a sealed sub

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the 8s are impressive
the 6 arent bad
i think theyre ST amps

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where did you see that?
yeah that sounds like a CM
get the boxes
gotta match your sub
they prob sold like 100k

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they could be gain stages, if theres just an opamp besides the output transistors
nice, so theres prob an army of to92
so there is prob at least one set of diff amps, then like ???, then the output transistors are prob setup darlington or similar
selling shit is all about mechanical engineering =)
Rab: toroid?
they get them stupid cheap

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is there a trimpot involved?
is it by the output transistors
thats maybe been fucked with
is it on the same heatsink?
then its prob a VBE multiplier bias
done right
hmm actually nevermind they might be driving the output transistor bases
you only need one transistor to set bias

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i dont think any of the amps are bridge-parallel or 4x parallel, i would have noticed that
i think it was BJT input with decent noise specs
haha yeah gotta be BJT, High Input Inpedance: 5M

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yeah that sounds right
and no, they just poor glue around everything
the layout is likely the performance weak link
not really worth upgrading the amps
well, the opamps, no idea what the power amp is on that
Rab: the amp is discrete?
or its just a chipamp
its prob >100W, but they were doing parallel chipamps for VXT

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unless it did it again
The second round of the Jeopardy! showdown pitting humanity against IBM's Watson supercomputer did not go so well for the carbon-based lifeforms, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.
so yeah i guess it pwnt the humans again
sorry about the glue

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man fuck shipping
well fuckit i bought it

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yeah it is
you know if a person is retarded, somehow it is okay to make them work at slave wages
yeah thats falling asleep
possibly ignoring your relations
or worse
should i dry my shirts hot?
they are cotton and they say to dry low and they fit nice

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dunno my tax website says i earn like $15K more than the nat average and ive only been working two years
knowing my history, i think you would agree thats not doing so bad =)
also some more corpy places wont even consider you for tech stuff (electronics or cnc) unless you have at least an AS
but yeah i want a bsee, i need to get better at all that useless math/physics shit
BlackMoon: im not nearly as smart as i think i am

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its between a BSEET and an ASEET
right because you dont hire techs to do engineer work
unless you know your shit and can spot someone good, but aside from that its prob not the smartest move
point is, i dont think an AS is worth much less than a BS in electronics tech, at all in terms of interviews, or much in terms of pay

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prob need 2 or 3 semesters of unrelated gen ed stuff before i could really start engineering courses
naw theyre good if you want tech jobs
when it might be you vs a guy with not much education, but experience
also im not sure how credible it is, but AS level education is doing well in terms of employment, because you can sometimes get by with AS level techs instead of engineers
ya rly
were like the weirdo half of the building
so like the time im doing a bseet, i could be doing coursework towards a bsee
which isnt terminal, and which pays bank relative to tech pay
well thats not the choice

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i wouldnt get paid much more with a bseet
dont think so
its a tech bs
you have to get a bsee first
bseet is terminal
i could prob get one in a year or two
all my units transfer into CSU bseet programs
yeah thats basically what my electronics as is
bsee, i would almost be starting from scratch

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omfg $35 ground shipping

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Note: this model is temporarily out of stock, you can check out our HY3005D-3 (new model).
but it says 9 in stock
hmm my cart isnt working
If your cart is empty AFTER adding items to the cart, please email support@a1hardbags.com or call us at 408-859-5137 for assistance, as some browsers are temporarily experiencing difficulty. To solve the problem, you can try deleting all the cookies in your browser, or at least the cookies associated with our website.
they already know

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Low distortion: <0.6%
oh damn the one i wanted is Low distortion: <1%

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goldmine elec got a new web design

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exgf made me a PCB bday cake once
with green icing soldermask
had green poo for days

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Lope: yeah not that speaker
that speaker costs that much

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wow you really did the arduin 555
i dunno if thats awesome or sad

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Rab: other hacker offered his Leader 30V/1A x 2, 6V/5A power supply for $100 (he has two of them)
but though that being able to drive chipamps with the 30V/5A supply is a pretty neat feature
wtf flowerett
this nick is not hardcore

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so they pour glue over all the edges and anything that can vibrate
sometimes they will glue the back of the XLR jacks
because you can hear air pushing through them
but the toroid is worth money, versus retail cost
and the amp can be replaced by a chipamp, prob up to 75W single ended
Rab: i wanted to do a subwoofer soon
i would get the box ones
the only improvements were probably to BOM totals
they look better too, i dont like the half-vxt thing

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Rab: for $25 its worth it just for the toroid and the woofer/cab
and it could be a blown amp, but you can replace that
likely its a broken solder joint or blown woofer coil or something
they prob wont have them
and my guess is between $50 and $100
just dmm it
its broken
its china stuff tho, it could be anything and its prob something simple
Rab: the glue can make them a bitch to work on
Rab: yeah i thought that was funny
so its likely been fucked with already
Lope: its a sub, so the plate amps need to be sealed
or else you can hear air blowing through the holes

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dont forget val kilmer and robert downey junior

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that guy prob wasnt even real
how come california is the only plate rubbing side to side

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Rab: only because there are american indians
because columbus was bit tarded at maps
what about the mid east
so now there is 9 continents?
Rab: yeah it smashed up into asia and thats why the mountains happened

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`Nerobro: theyre russians
india is in asia too, you dont call indians asians

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fact: american indians are white guys who got here before columbus
k not rly

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