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freenode has cars?

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index it to 13 colors
and repost ftmfw
if interrupts werent re-enabled, itll wait
if youre talking about avr
rab: y

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the other shit just has to do with color depth
because its gradients of the same color
looks fine
i still se pixels
someone at RS needs to be sacked
i think its the actual pixels on my monitor

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and its has some cool outline effect in the hippie shaded area
it has nothing to do with jpg compression
jpg does fuck shit up that nicely
its likely from scaling
i dont smoke crack
everyone knows what i smoke
crack is wack i make too much money to be smokin crack
strike 2
she interviews so well
the antialiased fizz at the edge of the lettering
and the fuzz pixeled angled straight lines
they could have saved it as a 3MB png it would prob look the same

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looks fine?
thats not from jpegging thats from antialiasing
and the shading is supposed to be blurry
thats on purpose?
theres some sort of outlining in the shaded area
which likely has to do with some antialiasing setting while photo editing
not with jpg compression
well its 48K

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i ate them all

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i dont get how they fly that shit without cameras
also adamame is addictive

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you could just turns alot
like a sailboat
so keep your fuel rail pressurized
blackmoon: like it sucks the bag down or what?
seems like fuel would get all stuck in the bag

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i turn corners in the dry and my ATF will slosh around and sometimes car will redline
if it redlines, i know i need atf
if it drops out, i know i need gas
feels exactly the same
it doesnt burn oil
i need to change it like 2000mi ago
macegr: not enough of the psi
well unless i put the feed tube on the side and was always turning

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your tires spinning
well i wanted to move
megaman is pretty cool too
for some reason that just sounds wrong
not like bad sounding, just like, blasphemous

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rab: ok i sent email, no idea if hell give them to me
i kind of said a lot of his products suck
well, ours at the time
snow happened here in 1986
and thats it
kevtris: neat @ metroid
haha wow the bass is awesome
see whats funny is i know people do that in the rain here
my sister is like WHATS THAT NOISE

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test test

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