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dude like 2A
cmon this isnt #cars you should know this
theyre almost all li-ion based
they make huge mods
no other end
screw on cap <> usb jack <> battery <> tank atomizer <> tank cart <> suck here
screw on cap <> usb jack <> battery <> atomizer <> drip tip <> suck here
get it?
you plug the usb in where the stupid 'ember' LED is on other ecig batteries
mine is big i dont hold it like a cig
more like a microphone or a pen
but like if you were holding a pen backwards
maybe like 500mA

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yeah but you dont hold the button down 100% of the time
anyway night
laundry done

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you dont need the cone with ego-t
its cone shaped
it has like, slots in the side
for the airpath to get around the tank
so the cone shape is functional
dunno if the chargers are in the battery or the chargers
thats why i got the usb-passthrough, any usb cable will work
you suck on the cart end
like this:
screw on cap <> usb jack <> battery <> atomizer <> drip tip
screw on cap <> usb jack <> battery <> tank atomizer <> tank cart
like 3.7
li-ions with protect circuits
the attys are around 3 ohms
so no, it pulls 1-2 amps

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yeah whats up with that
02:40 < renesis> http://www.liberty-flights.com/product.asp?id=49
it has a miniusb jack and a red led at the end
with a screw on cap
you can charge up and vape from a usb port
the normal battery chargers, you have to remove the battery and screw it into the charger
it plugs into the end
the opposite side of where the atomizer screws on
like i have my vape connected to my pc right now
and its all red led because its still charging
done charging, led turns off
my shit doesnt have the stupid LED at the end
im not trying to have it look like a fake cig
ego has a clear button, when you push it it fades a white LED in, let go it fades out

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but if you keep the tanks above 1/4 full it never happens
also if you use thicker fluids
VG cut or full VG
but thats for redundancy
multiple batteries
multiple atomizers
the copy ego, not from the joye factory but pretty common, is maybe $40
i would get usb-pass through 650mAh ego battery
especially if you just get one
btw click the 20% off coupon in the top right corner
wtf is replacement power switch'
out of stock
too bad

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kinda metallic, i think a lot of it is the vpor getting way hot and burning up
days to months
typically weeks i think
5 pack is $30, ive used one like half the time for 2 weeks
i vape a lot
the 510 attys clean up pretty easy
i dont even let them dry overnight like some people do
rinse in warm water, blow them out the back, repeat a ton
then you dry burn it
takes quit a few burns to dry the nichrome and get it to burn red hot
so you do that for a second, rinse out whatever just burnt off the heating element
blow out all the water, drip a bunch of fluid to prime it
and its better than new (new they have primer fluid, tastes nasty, clean it out)
get clear blue or clear white
you can see into the tank
with it inserted
its usually fine
the ego-t can flood

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those are ego batteries with 510 carts
and drip tips
510 atomizers, not carts
but see how the atomizer is thinner?
thats why you need a cone with 510s on an ego
thats the mega atomizer on the bottom and middle
just a big fat cart system for ego
dunno about them
inittab: yeah
every 3 or 4 puffs you either drip into the tip
or pull the tip off or drip onto the heater
well when im sitting around ill drip
but when i take it to work and driving, tanks are better
tanks hold 1mL of fluid
which is like 30-40 drops
prob like 100 hits
yeah i refill tanks
they have a hole after you use them the first time
but its small enough fluid doesnt really come out
that filler sits on the heater
and when it dries up itll melt the filler
thats why i didnt want to try ecigs
the silicone wick material and nickel foam in the heaters dont make me feel awesome
but that shit wont melt
the foam does
with dripping, worse you get is dry atomizer taste

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ego-t 1000mAh battery *or* ego 650mAh usb-passthrough battery
plus ego-t atomizer and ego-t tank carts
or 510 atomizers and drip tips
they have filler so i dont want them
i guess they typically dont last so long compared to atomizers, too
which makes sense theyre made to be disposable
or 510 atomizers and drip tips and a cone
atomizer has a spike in the middle with a wick inside
that punctures the tank
and then it wicks fluid onto the heating assembly
mostly works
if you dont leave a bubble they dont like to wick
if you let it get to low and it gets bumped they can flood
yeah i dont like that

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yeah but i wouldnt get kids either
because you get a 650mAh standard battery with the ego kit
and a 1000mAh standard battery with an ego-t kit
the 1000mAh has newer electronics, you hit the button 5 times fast and it locks it
until you hit it 5 times again
but i would rather spend $20 on a 650mAh usb pass through battery
yeah so it doesnt turn on in your pocket
but yeah you have to screw standard batteries into a usb charger and wait
mine you plug a mini-usb cable into it, so you can vape while it charges
then $13 for an ego-t atomizer
and $6 for a 5 pack of empty carts
then get a 5 pack of 510 atomizers and couple drip tips for like $30
ego is really just the battery
its a big battery for 510 atomizers
you buy a cone to kind of make it look right
and it restricts airflow a bit

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then why bother?
absorbtion is maybe 10%
i think its prob more for some setups
but you dont absorb the nic like a cig
and theres a lot of chemicals that kick in and extend the nic buzz
when you smoke cigs
people can bitch about 2nd hand nicotine its kind of a valid complaint
but it doesnt smell bad and linger like smoke
also egos dont look like cigs
they dont have LEDs at the end they have it on the button
well, mine do, under the screw on cap where the charging mini-usb is
but that just stays on when it has a usb plugged in and its charging

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i have two batteries, i also have the ego-t tank cart system
atomizer with a spike with a wick inside
and i pokes up into these tanks
no filler
its a bit finnicky about what thickness juice and how the tanks are filled
well i bought it in pieces
$50 for two ego-510 setups
ego is 650mAh batteries for 510 atomizers, compared to the original 150mAh 510 battery
i would also buy a drip tip
fuck carts
$80 for two ego-t setups
but i wouldnt get kids
well i just like smoking and vaping shit
and people can smoke around me and i dont want to smoke their cigs
this is pretty significant

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and i guess thats how you know its done
anyway i drip, ive never vaped a cart, i dont even want to know what thats like
well you still get vapor when it starts dry hitting and tasting like ass
i drip
and my shit comes from a reputable factory
because the machining on this stuff is pretty awesome for the money
and i have a big spool of nichrome
also i dont even know where to get nickel foam mesh
yeah for $28 i got a 5 pack of atomizers
they all use it
but ive been using one atomizer for weeks now
well it just wont hold much
compared to nichrome wrapped around a silicone wick with a nickel foam mesh bridge over it
with ego usb passthrough battery

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you bought random chinese ecigs?
srsenjoy your random 'nichrome' outgassing
if you cant break it down and blow the primer fluid out and wash it out and dry burn it to get rid of anything left on the nichrome, fuck that shit
also have fun sucking on melting foam when you get to the end of your carts
blackmoon: whatever is left on it from the manufacturing process
and i hope the primer fluid is just nasty PG base fluid
it dried up
its a nickel sponge
and usually silicone wick
and it uses up the fluid in the carts
and overheats and melts the sponge material in the carts
if not the plastic in the carts itself

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it shouldnt be so bad you have company
5 is boring as fuck
if you leave later and its dark by the time you hit the central valley, its like driving through limbo
limbo + big trucks
k gl

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thats fine
calabasas is far from everything
if plans change you has my cell
what did you take down?
yeah thats nice
long but its better than the cow farms
that shit is like the matrix but with cows instead of people
somewhere on one of those farms is like, keanu cow, gonna bring it all down
hack their cow forehead jackhammers
dont open your windows past bakersfield
also pls2b careful on the grapevine its prob all snowy and icy and shit

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but i have 4 of each machine
which can be better

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`nico: kinda
have to do laundry load =(
these are not mustally exclusive
yeah im not usually so thrilled by my laundry room company

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haha 18kw

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easynews is $10
you get rollover gigs!

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prob nothing over $.15 on the BOM
except the magnetics
thats the price of a commodity opamp
the 74 series stuff is prob like .07 to .15
you dont need an mcu
mcu is for buttons and displays and shit
no this is for a power supply
haha so it was like a square wave through a hard filter?
the PWM drive was to bigass fets?
or SCRs or what
oh nice
big class-d audio amp stuck on hum, basically

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blackmoon: hmm neat
no just from holding it

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cheater99: haha wow the whole thing is bad

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it was on a power test unit
so it measured current through the driver and voltate ay the driver terminal, used 3rd and 4th pins of a speakon for 4 wire voltage sense probes
you can also use it for actual impedance
the distortion analyzer was the same thing except it used a laser to test excursion, so it could figure out the mass and plot parameters and non linearities vs excursion

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overpriced chip that does amplification = win
on one of the speaker test things, that was basically a current sensor and a 4 wire volt meter setup, the current sensor was a modul where a trace like make a big uturn
and there was an soic on the other side
kinda sticking up on its side all by itself, pretty neat
the older distortion analyzer thing (had lasers pew pew) used current sense coils
fucking thing was all reworked and hacked to get around current limits of the sensors
yeah well this is audio
yeah it tracked excursion with a laser
i was told we were basically guinnea pigs for their original DA
so i contacted the germans like YO IS THIS LEVEL OF REWORK NORMAL OR WHAT and theyre like, ya we sold them all like that
top of the line

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well yeah

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the binary switch output hall sensors are neat
w/ built in amps and open something output
you need like analog sensing?
well usually yes
ive seen them both tho
yeah but i mean not just a binary output sensor
like, it has to be good
something >$2 (!)
yeah but i guess hes saying the shunts arent very linear near zero?
it breaks

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