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stop being funny

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yeah i dont like will farrel
but youtube has original content

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aquiring pen supplies
someplace to crash when you travel
not always true
yeah dont go meeting up with your 80s pen pal
that shit was weird

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they need like, grippy grooves or something
by the tip
you cant machine them in?

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blackmoon: you are jewish?!
didnt think so
outlaws: its a trap
also it can take up lots of space
relays = copper = $$$

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you got jacked
unless you got a kit
then yeah pretty neat

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youre saying i dont pay for music?
higher than normal failure rates

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his stuff with cream is super awesome

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danielson: how do you think wholesale distribution and marketing work?
whatever you have to sell competitively and deal with retail logistics (cops, thugs)
cmon how many businesses you know run smoothly?
where do you think all the violence comes in?
people get promoted, demoted, hired, laid off, etc

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haha yeah they prob did that before the exhaust was installed
i hate that =(
yeah i was going to say wouldnt they need to jack that shit up
but truck would be what to go for

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chinas level of tech has progressed to the point where they can copy themselves
oh i thought you meant meow cat
i was like, wtf get the internets this guys going down

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are you being an axl?
i got 5/10 =(

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yeah *1000

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i thought a lot of machines worked with multiple pickup points
arent there machines with multiple feeders?
same thing
how do they not bang into each other
so they have like a shared axis i guess

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monkeyisl: wat

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not all of them

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in most situations dealing with those kind of currents at sane voltages, it wont matter
mA, youre typically dealing with K ohms
uA, youre usually dealing with M ohms
its obviously a secret
thats some high end chinastuff
for china?
tho i guess i am defeated by my own 'everything is made in china, and good things still exist' statement
they have chinese manufactured models
i guess they have problems

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unless youre measuring across megohms in series with something else
my chinapsu manual is like 95% chinese

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so you aim for the middle and see how fast you can run the line

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07:22 < incubeous> How rare is this? I got a 5% tolerance 10k resistor that ended up being close to 0.1% of its nominal value, (around 9,989 Ohms)
seen this a lot
and almost all 1% resistors ive used are way closer than 1%
resistor machine is probably new or well maintained

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