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you get like weird offset wave with inverted peakes on one side

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blackmoon: k i checked they were persian cucumbers
maybe 90 minutes ago?

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promote him

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rab: dehuman thinks youre sexy
pics, etc
there is official spandex

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we will all lives in domes with heavily processed air by then
we aint going to mars or the moon
i mean we like everyone not outside dying in the ultrapolution
i thought in cyberpunkland they couldnt even finish any of the domes
like an actual plan
or a marketing guy on coke plan

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get a 1A psu

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well yeah its all sugar
most soda has other shit that will fuck you tho
tastes awesome
and drs are wrong a lot
1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11
older than the interwebs

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cucumber juice kinda tastes like watermelons
what i did it was good
yes i dont care tho\
cucumbers are shaped like penises
but also they are a food with lots of vitamins and stuff
that i wouldnt eat them normally, and definitely not 3 of them
blackmoon: they are some imported organic tiny cucumber
i eat meat socially
also lots of beans and soy stuff and quinoa grains
20A of what
because theyre not 20A LEDs
no broccoli juice
i started with two glasses of orange juice shit was fucking awesome
wtf rediscovered?
ill go through a half galon in like a day or two

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droopy eyed armless children

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macegr: i bet he keeps this up for years
hey so many c on avr wont suck as much

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it actually runs a lot smoother/quieter with the lower latency pc
that was kinda surprising
yeah i cant just replace that channel

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to get the same kind of protection, and of course this doesnt include cost of your time
typical servo controls are $$$
so for around the same cost you get a high end step driver or a low end servo driver
from gecko
for step, geckos arent cheap but they known to be pretty rugged
yeah fuck that
mines 3ch now
and *everyone* familiar with it said it was amazing i went years without blowing a channel
it had been wired up the same for years

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gl with interview
in my experience, going in like you own the place seems to work
this also helps with getting past various forms of venue security
by implimenting the PID equations
if you want to go servo and theyre not that big id buy gecko drivers
but its prob going to be around $400, just guessing
i think doing it yourself you can maybe do it for half cost

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use series resistors and dont multiply current capability by the number of parallel elements
obviously not very efficient
danielson: neat
what happened with your other gig?
intern stuff?
sounded like good experience tho

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if you get fine nozzles its not so bad to use the big handle thing
but yeah aoyue never struck me as quality stuff

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suckin on chinese nichrome
i got shit from a known factory
the random stuff scares me a lot more
lots of places have the same shit they just rebrand it
tons of suppliers there, lots of reviews

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almost out of nicotine juice
usps better hurry the fuck up
ecigarette fluid
danielson: i barely trust the shit from reputable online sellers
and i dont use carts
which is what you can buy at 7/11 as far as ive seen
i either drip or use a tank thing, neither uses the foam filler stuff
fuck burning plastic

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and then like 1000pF next to them
just to be like, fuck yeah look at my caps
danielson: theres no such thing as real work EM tests
.1uF is the cheapest cap ever\
10uF is usually hella cheap too
big caps you just use the valleys to get the ripple or reserve power you want
.1uF is ridiculous cheap
thats not spread out enough tho!

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rab: no response from exjob proj manager guy!
see so sometimes its bad to tell project managers that all the products suck
he was just being nice because we were at someones bday thing
this is the running theory
rab: china layout! everything placed all orderly and neat
copper = tangled maze with spaghetti topology grounds
okay i gotta go
wtf is practically?
you splash .1uF caps *everywhere* on the psu rails

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once you learn enough that datasheets and app notes make sense, those will be the best things to study

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i think most people here have said its like 2-3 years before schematics start really making sense
and lots of pro labs have cheap shit
you dont really want to use your $20K scope like, every single day
the money is better spent on parts
and prototyping gear
professional prototyping gear and hobby shit are basically the same shit
like, obviously professionals will be spending a lot more for dev kits and demo boards
but the stuff to build shit is basically quick and dirty and cheap
and buy parts and fuck with shit
and make sure you can do algebra

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