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everything has thd
that thing has THD around 40dB down
i think thats like .01% actually thats not so bad
oh its a line array
reading the manufacturer website
thats prob just hum in the equipment

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oh that behringer shit?
i know someone with one, decent shit
room eq only works in a very small area around the sampling mic
so it makes sense for near field monitoring
but it cant deal with poor off axis response
so most likely, itll still be a function of the speakers and the room
you have plots?
they dont publis plots usually
yeah on axis most likely
anyway, that thing works as advertised, as far as i know, but its not likely going to fix a speakers response over a large area
those plots are pretty good

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realtek stuff does that if you install their driver
sometimes it would flip out
keep asking what i was plugging in

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omg you cannot measure that
you can calc it pretty easy
those dropped mass timers?
haha @ AB+B bias
the amp might be a bit overkill

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the square waves make the bass sound superficial, moon
seagates have usually marketed quiet drives
the one i had with 'seashell' (foam and metal plate over the pcb side), i couldnt hear
would sound like your music isnt there

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